Are you wondering if SEO or PPC is the right
strategy for your needs or what’s the difference between SEO and PPC?
Stay tune I’ll answer these questions. First let me show you where results based
on SEO and PPC show up on search engine results page. PPC for Pay-Per-Click or Ads show up at the top
or on the right-hand side of the page. Results based on SEO are under these ads. Now let’s look at other differences between
SEO and PPC by looking at the traffic they bring to a website and their cost.
– You can start with PPC now and get traffic to your website right away.
– With SEO you can start now but you won’t see improvement in traffic immediately. In
fact it will take 3, 6, 12 months depending on your efforts put into it.
– Also data shows that SEO brings the most amount of traffic to a website, as long as
your website shows up on first page of search engines. And internet users tend not to trust
ads so they’re less likely to click on ads. SEO is known to be “free” because you don’t
have to pay search engines to be listed. Where as with PPC you have to pay search engines
to be listed in the Ads area. However I recommend hiring a specialist for
either strategy to expect successful results. SEO requires a lot of expertise, time and
effort to get “free” traffic. And investment in PPC can be improved with
highly targeted and optimized ads, which requires a lot of knowledge. That being said:
You should invest in PPC if you need traffic right away, for example if you’re just launching
your website or a new product. You should invest in SEO if you’re looking
to have more traffic in the long run. You can also use both strategies so you can
get traffic right away with PPC and build your organic traffic with SEO at the same
time. I hope this helps you take a decision to invest
in SEO and/or PPC. Don’t hesitate to ask more questions or add
comments below. Don’t forget to like this video and subscribe to our channel.
Stay tune for our next video!


  • Great job, Laure! 

  • Very good short explanation of the difference between SEO and PPC. I know this wouldn't apply to the video but the cost between the two is also something business owners are interested in. Maybe you can explain that in another video. It's all about costs and what they get back. 

  • I recommend Laure Sabini and Laurizon for your SEO and website design needs.

  • Marion Guiset, Leadership Coach

    Great video and explanations!

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