Setting Mobile Bid Adjustments in Google AdWords

Setting Mobile Bid Adjustments in Google AdWords

Hey there! I’m Benjamin from Loves Data. In this video you will learn about using mobile
bid adjustments in Google AdWords. I’ll walk through how you can apply mobile
bid adjustments in your AdWords account and Google’s recommendation for selecting a mobile
bid adjustment. Overall, bid adjustments allow you modify
your final bids based on how your ad is being viewed. Apart from mobile bid adjustments, you can
also modify bids based on location, schedule, if people are on a remarketing list and more. Let’s get started… You can adjust your final bids based on the
different devices people use to view your ads. A mobile bid adjustment is where you choose
to adjust the bid for people using mobile devices. This allows you to control costs without need
to create separate mobile-only campaigns. In other words, using a mobile bid adjustment
can streamline account management by providing optimal bids without increasing the time need
to manage and optimize your campaigns. By default there will be no mobile bid adjustment
applied to your campaigns. This means that bids will be the same across
all the devices people use to see your ads. For example, if you had a default bid of one
dollar and a zero percent mobile bid adjustment, then the final bid for mobile devices would
also be one dollar. Google AdWords allows you to adjust bids up
or down. You can increase your final mobile bid by
900% or decrease it by 100 percent. For example, if the default bid was still
one dollar and you adjusted it by an additional 100% percent, then the final bid for mobile
devices would be two dollars. And setting a mobile bid adjustment of minus
100 percent will prevent your ads from showing to people using mobile devices. You can apply different mobile bid adjustments
to each of your campaigns inside Google AdWords. Here we can see we’re choosing to increase
the final bid for campaigns that are suited to our mobile audience. We can also decrease the final bid if the
campaign doesn’t perform as well on mobile. You also have the option of applying mobile
bid adjustments at the campaign and ad group levels for more granular control of your final
bids. Here we can see the campaign has an overall
mobile bid adjustment of minus 25 percent. This means that with a default bid of one
dollar, our bid would reduce to 75 cents for mobile users. If we then have a bid adjustment applied at
the ad group level, this overrides the campaign-level adjustment. So here we can see the ad group level bid
would be increased from one dollar to become two dollars. The ad group level adjustment has been applied,
since it is more granular and the campaign-level adjustment is ignored. To adjust your mobile bids, navigate to ‘Devices’
and then click to edit the row that corresponds to the campaign you want to adjust. You have the option of adjusting bids for
mobile, tablet and desktop devices. You can then choose to increase or decrease
the bid and click ‘save’. To modify device bid adjustments at the ad
group level, click on ‘level: campaign’ and then select ‘ad group’. Finally, let’s look at Google’s recommendation
for setting mobile bid adjustments. The idea is to increase your mobile bid adjustment
if a conversion is more likely on a mobile device and decrease the bid if a conversion
is less likely. So we take our mobile conversion rate, divide
it by the desktop conversion rate and subtract one. Here’s an example… We can see the mobile conversion rate is 4.43
percent and the desktop conversion rate is 3.96 percent. Since the mobile conversion rate is higher
than desktop, this means we should increase our mobile bids by 12 percent to account for
the difference. So that’s how you can adjust bids for people
viewing your ads on mobile devices. If you set multiple bid adjustments, for example,
if you’ve set a mobile bid adjustment and a location bid adjustment, then it’s important
to know that they will be combined. This means it’s important to understand the
final bid can be higher (or lower) than your default bid once all the adjustments have
been applied. The maximum combined bid adjustment will never
exceed more than 900% of the default bid. Are you using mobile bid adjustments? Do you have a bid adjustment tip you’d like
to share? I’d love to know! Let me know in the comments below! If you found this video helpful, then please
like it, so I know to make more videos like this. See you next time!


  • Hi Benjamin,

    Just found you channel yesterday, so helpful!

    Have a question, in the example comparing Mobile Conversion Rate with Desktop Conversion rate, would it be a good idea to use Campaign Conversion Rate, and see how the three devices perform? M Conv. Rate/Campaign Conv. Rate, Desktop Conv. Rate/Campaign, and Tablet. I don't know if that makes sense.


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    You are too Good Benjamin!!

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  • Hi, thanks for the insightful video.

    If you increase the bid adjustment of mobile by 12 % would you have to decrease the bid adjustment by 12% for the desktop? Or do we just simply increase mobile only and leave the other device at the default 0%?


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