Spider-Man 4 Art Reveals The Villains Maguire Would’ve Faced

Spider-Man 4 Art Reveals The Villains Maguire Would’ve Faced

Ok, so, all gripes against Spider-Man 3 aside,
we still love Sam Raimi’s trilogy for its heartfelt take on the amazing wall-crawler.
The studio basically made him shoehorn Venom into the third movie, overruling his wishes
to make Sandman its only villain and ruining the chances for Spider-Man 4. But thanks to some concept art by storyboard
artist Jeffrey Henderson, we can see that Spidey would’ve taken on the Vulture and Mysterio…if
Raimi had managed to hang around for a fourth movie, that is. Busting Mysterio The storyboard concept art for Mysterio doesn’t
really show a fight between him and Spidey, but we can imagine how great it might have
been. Mysterio mainly uses special effects, illusions, hypnotism, and theatrics, so he
may not have been too serious of a threat compared to the rest of Spider-Man’s foes. That unmasked Mysterio at the police station
looks…kind of like Bruce Campbell, right? Given Raimi’s longtime friendship with Campbell,
it would’ve been the perfect casting. The Evil Dead star appeared in all three Spider-Man
movies that Raimi directed. First he was the announcer who named Peter
Parker “Spider-Man.” Then he was the snooty theater usher in the
sequel. And he finally played the French restaurant
maître d’ in Spider-Man 3. We can almost imagine Mysterio’s backstory
just based on Campbell’s three appearances in the previous Spider-Man films. He wanted
to get into show business, but had to settle as a lowly wrestling announcer. Then he tried
to work in theater, but never made it. As a result, he became an usher. But when that
didn’t work out, he ultimately resorted to a restaurant gig where he used his acting
skills to fake a French accent. In a bind for cash, he stole a bunch of special
effects equipment for a robbery, becoming Mysterio—only to be busted by Spider-Man. How great would it have been to see Maguire
and Campbell facing off one last time? The Vulture takes flight These storyboard scenes of the Vulture seem
a lot more serious in tone than Mysterio’s, suggesting that he may have been the movie’s
main villain. You can see him reaching for a helicopter
and taking on Spider-Man in the skies above New York. And it looks like the Vulture’s suit is very
much in sync with the character’s original comic book outfit. This is pretty different
from the first villain of the Spidey movies, Willem Dafoe’s Green Goblin, who has a modernized
look compared to the source material. Well, what do you think? Would a fourth movie
have righted the wrongs of Spider-Man 3? Or would the Vulture and Mysterio have been the
final fall for Tobey Maguire’s Spider-Man? Thanks for watching! Subscribe to our YouTube
channel to watch more videos like the one you just saw. And leave us a comment to let
us know who you think should’ve played Spider-Man 4’s villains…


  • This would have been a great;nevertheless, Spider Man Homecoming​ did a pretty good job with Vulture.

  • Spider man 3 was a huge disappointment. Just a big mess.

  • What was wrong with Spiderman 3 .. It was fine! Tf?

  • Fuckkkkkkkkkkkk this wouldve been cool

  • I wish this movie came out, they would've made the villians the right way.

  • To really understand what's going on w this video, you have to go back to Sam Raimi's original concepts of the original Spider-Man and what he was wanting to pull off. Yes, you touched on the fact that he was forced to put Venom in the third film. Many of the fans stated that Spider-Man 3 was overcrowded. Both of these issues ultimately is why most people consider the third movie of Raimi's franchise as the weakest, even though it did good at the box office.
    Other than stating the obvious about the third movie, this video ignores the original plot for the fourth Spider-Man film that Raimi had in mind. Kurt Conners was going to make his transformation into the Lizard, the final battle between him and Spider-Man was going to have Parker actually kill the villain, and Peter and MJ were going to move their relationship into tying the knot, and then the film was going to cut w Raimi finishing the series w a fifth and final film.

  • Here are some villains that Tobey needs to deafeat scorpion, Carnage, Mysterio

  • I think what happened was Tobey was trying to pass the baton to a new Spider-Man but Andrew Garfield ( a fan from the crowd with no experience) ran on the track and took it. Eventually, Andrew fell and Tom Holland came in and grabbed the baton off the ground. So basically, what I’m saying is: Andrew Garfield’s movies were mistakes


    At least Spidey took on vulture in homecoming….

  • Spiderman 3 was still better than the garfield ones.


  • I loved seeing Spider-Man get the new suit and when he hangs from the building questioning all of it, then literally standing on THE SIDE OF THE BUILDING!!! Like they really defined the strength of that suit, not just there, but also in the fight with Sandman, and it defines more of his hate and vengeful thoughts, then combine those thoughts with his new strength, and it’s amazing. And I like how they made it seem like a drug throughout the movie, so that every time he got mad or emotional, he would rely on the suit, and later realize that even though the power feels so good, it makes him lose himself to his own powerful desires. And speaking of power, if he was able to stop that train in Spider-Man 2 with just his normal powers and no symbiote or anything JUST IMAGINE how strong he is with the symbiote on if he got into a similar situation as that! He would kill the Avengers with ease. All he would need to take out Iron man is one good punch to the head and his head will be dislocated, Black Widow will die easily no matter how skillful she is, ant man will be spun up and crushed, Captain America will break his own arms trying to compete, Black Panther won’t know what hit him, Thor is probably superior though, and Hulk might be even.. I’m not sure

  • I believe the only hero that died in a movie was Wolverine

  • They should have done spiderman 4 instead of the new Garfield ones. Shame

  • Vulture was going to be in 3 then got pushed to 4

  • I loved Toby Maguires Spider-Man films they’re classic

  • Tobey returns?????? oh dude i would ve been so happy.

  • Well at least we got the video games. That fight with Mysterio in the SM2 game was epic

  • Spider Man 3 was enjoyable despite some HUGE fundamental flaws involving the premise of the movie as well as the resolution…things just got worse with the recasting and retelling of the origin in the subsequent movies(the reboots)…I can't even stand to try & watch those, they're horrible up & down,all around garbage

  • I still wished Spider Man 4 happened but what would've Spider-Mans character be in rn in 2018 if it did happen ?

    Would've he still be with Sony ???
    Would've Andrew ended up with marvel ????
    Spider-Man 5 ends up happening after ????

  • It would have been awesome.

  • spiderman 3 was fire

  • pretty sure venom would've been the fourth film villain, cuz I think black suit spiderman was supposed to be part of 3, with eddie not becoming venom until the end

  • What’s the name of the background tune?

  • It would have made more sense to end Spider-Man 3 on a cliffhanger that set up Venom to be the primary villain in 4.

  • Spiderman 3 didn't suck that one guy being venom did

  • Prabhdeep Atwal

    I loved venom it was my favourite part of the movie

  • I grew up with Tobbey as Spidey ,but i liked Andrew Garfield more

  • i thought spiderman 3 was great especially with venom

  • shaji moothedan

    I think it would have been great. David Campbell may have made a great villain after his appearences in the trilogy.

  • übermensch Nietzsche

    What was the problem with spiderman 3?

  • I liked Maguire's Spider-Man the most because he was the only Spider-Man that could actually throw webs from his own hands. I mean if you need a device to throw webs for you, you can't be called a spider.

  • James McGarvey

    I fucking love Mysterio. God dammit.

  • Fahad Naushad

    I wish I could go back in time. And say Raimi do the 4th film, the futute spiderman movies are fucked up

  • Mysterio!!? That bastard!? I hated fighting him in Spiderman 2 the video game

  • The villians are okay, but more importantly is how they are involved in the plot, in Spider-man 3 there were cool villians, but they were all stuffed in the movie not caring about the plot, a plot is what attracts movie goers, a movie with a good plot often does good as long as the trailers that serve their movies seem interesting to movie goers

  • Lion El Jonson

    MYSTERIO! Just knowing we would have got an actual movie featuring mysterio makes me upset. One of the more underrated villains that has never really gotten the spotlight he deserves.

  • Here’s my take: introduce the symbiote in Spider-Man 3, have Venom as the villain in 4.

  • boku no pico best anime

    Pizza Time

  • This script would've blown away all the new spiderman movies, ad long as ramey kept venom alive and brought him back in spiderman 4.

  • Soran Ibrahim

    I love Tobey as Spider-Man

  • I remember in the "Spider-Man 2" game for PS2/Xbox/Gamecube Mysterio first appeared as a hologram in a burning theater, holding some people hostage. What does he do next? He turns the frigging Statue Of Liberty into a giant monument of himself, surrounded by alien spacecrafts!!!!! I'd say that was better than any idea of him in Spider-Man 4, although he makes for an ok villain.

  • TranceFormerFX

    God I wish he was the Spider Man in Infinity War….

  • a bacon sandwich

    For me I thought it would clearly be lizard or mysterio. Lizard forsure tho.

  • I pray that one day we will see a fourth movie in this universe with the cast returning. We deserve a proper ending.

  • Muttakin Ahmed

    whey not creat spider man 4 ?

  • Wish we got Spider-Man 4 over those god awful amazing Spider-Man shitstorms… even the Spider-Man outfits in those movies sucked

  • I think Raimi originally wanted the Vulture in Spider-Man 3 along with Sandman and Harry Osborn before the studio pushed to have Venom instead of Vulture (so the movie would have always been overcrowded).

  • Vulture could have been an entertaining villain in a fourth film but I really don't like the idea of Felicia being his daughter.

  • That would have been epic

  • Good riddance, Maguire sucked at spiderman and parker, too much of a cry baby. And MJ, don't get me started. Such a bitch always whining. These old movies didn't even feel like movies, they felt like soap operas honestly

  • Spider man 3 was awesome what is wrong with people

  • If they would’ve gone up to Spider-Man 5 and made Carnage his final villain. That would’ve probably been the end of spidey.

  • dodopoopinpoop

    It would have been the greatest stand alone super hero movie series of all time, if Sony had just shut the fuck up and let the talent do his job and work.

    I still would've loved to see Toby's Spiderman come into the MCU but hey I'm glad in the end Sony's stupidity gave us what the Spiderman we have today.

  • The good old days

  • People only dislike 3 cause they probably felt that it was to rushed

  • I loved spider man 3 lol

  • Am I the only one who Thinks Spider man 3 Was Great?

  • Spider-Man 3 wasn’t bad I think it should have had just 2 villains with Sandman and New Goblin with the venom suit arriving at the end of 3 and setting up the next movie The Spider-Man 4 should have been Venom with a different actor to play venom. Then Spider-Man 5 should have been the Lizard. And if a 6th would have happened Carnage I’d have been fine with that set up for Spider-Man and Tobey should have been the Spider-Man for infinity war.

  • am i the only one who thinks that spider man 3 was the best of them all!!?


    2 and 1 was the best, but watching 3 nowadays isn't as bad as I thought when I first saw it. Sams movies still better than the andrews spider man

  • Its would have been sick

  • I liked Spiderman 3

  • I liked Spiderman 3. I thought it had that corny comic book appeal that makes it fun to watch. They should have left Venom out of the third movie at maybe at the end had Brock lay an egg for the next movie.

  • The Fanboy Shorts

    I love that soundtrack

  • I think that it would have been cool to have the first 20-30 minutes be peter taking on mysterio with cuts to the vulture building up for his big assault or whatever he was gonna do to New York and have the rest of the movie focus on that

  • Spider-Man 3 should have been only Sandman and New Goblin. And Spider-Man 4 should have been Venom or Carnage as the main villains. Sony ruined it for us 😢😢💔💔

  • Tarun Mudaliar

    i remember being happy about SM 4,
    and then being utterly sad when it got cancelled

  • I loved spiderman 3

  • EgocentricHead

    Bruce Campbell as a supervillain? That's, like, the best thing ever.

  • Can someone explain to me what was wrong with spiderman 3? I just don't get it

  • Little did they know mysterio is spiderman homecoming 2s villain

  • Wasn't the villain for spiderman 4 supposed to be carnage?

  • Maybe I’m just biased because I grew up with those movies,
    But I love them all. They have their own charms and speak to the demographic that are young adults. Trying to work a job, go to school, do well in classes, spend time with the only family you have left, make enough money to pay rent and buy food in addition to being a superhero.

  • Well vulture was in homecoming, and now mysterio is gonna be in the homecoming sequel, so Raimi’s plans eventually came to fruition

  • He was the best spiderman their will ever be these newspidermans just suck ass

  • Why they hate Black Cat. We haven’t seen Black Cat in any marvel movie yet and she is a dope character

  • Why is this mysterio fat?

  • It's Sony. Raimi is not to blame. Sony butted in and fucked up royally. Now just imagine if we had Raimi and he was under Marvel Studios. Maybe we could've started the MCU with Spider-Man.

  • Wouldve been badass

  • These Spider-Man and amazing Spider-Man was awesome. The new one was just awful. Killed Spider-Man

  • I heard they wanted Ben Kingsley to play the Vulture in the Sam Raimi movie.

  • Spider-Man 3 was awesome how dare you

  • I would of loved a spiderman 4

  • He would be perfect for the mcu right now… I would love to see a complete, confident, and grown ass spiderman

  • So Rami was never gonna have venom in his movies if he had the choice SMH 😑.

  • Electrifying 3:16

    People pretend to hate Spiderman 3 so much but despite all of its flaws it's a great movie.

  • It's Fruit Time

    Homecoming did the Vulture perfectly.

  • Spider-Man 4 would’ve made world peace ✌️

  • Tobey Maguire is still my favorite Spider-Man

  • There is no reason why they still couldn't make a Spiderman 4 with Tobey and Kirsten reprising their roles. Make it so!

  • Just end it all

    When Spiderman 3 came out on DVD I watched it so many times and then one night I had a dream about Spiderman 4, where he fell into a dark pit of Sand and then swinging in the night through New York and boom Carnage attacks him. Really sad that this movie never came out 🙁

  • I'm gonna put some dirt in your eyes

    I'm pretty sure raimi vulture would have been better than this shit coming vulture

  • Jonovan And Gaming

    Spider-Man: Far From Home Will Feature The Vulture And Mysterio.

  • Jonovan And Gaming


  • 😢😢😢😢

  • Spider-Man 3 isn't that bad guys come on.

  • They should've had concept art for Carnage to be in it

  • the villains confirmed to be in the movie
    The Vulture – John Malkovich
    Mysterio – Bruce Campbell (Cameo)
    The Lizard – Dylan Baker
    Vulturess – Anne Hathaway
    The Shocker – (Rumored to be played by Peter Facinelli) (Cameo)
    Rhino – (Rumored to be played by Vin Diesel) (Cameo)
    The Prowler (Rumored to be played by Will I. Am) (Cameo)
    Rumored Villains
    Scorpion – (Rumored to be played by Max Martini)
    Kraven The Hunter – (Rumored to be played by Russell Crowe)
    Electro – (Rumored to be played by Mark Wahlberg)
    Hobgoblin – (Rumored to be played by Steve Zahn)
    Wolf-Man – (would have for sure been played by Daniel Gillies)
    Steel Man – Bill Hader
    Morbious – (Rumored to be played by Ben Stiller)
    Kingpin (would have for sure been played by Michael Clarke Duncan)
    Carnage (Rumored to be played by Jim Carrey)

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