The 5 Biggest Mistakes A Copywriter Can Make

The 5 Biggest Mistakes A Copywriter Can Make

Wondering why your copy just won’t convert? Watch this video to learn the 5 most common
copywriting faux pas… that’ll put your sales on pause. Listen, we have all been there. You spend hours writing what you think is
a genius piece of copy… only to have it fall flat. I’ve been writing copy for 10 years, and
that doesn’t mean that everything I write turns to gold. I still sometimes miss the mark, but that’s
the great thing about copywriting. The market gives you irrefutable feedback
and the results are quantifiable. Either your audience is buying or they’re
not. And what an awesome opportunity to learn and
grow, right? (See, copywriters are so good at re-frames). So listen if your copy sucks, all you gotta
do is try something new and wait for the results. And not many creative mediums allow for this
sort of objective and immediate feedback… And, truly, the only way for you to become
a great copywriter is through pushing through this cycle again and again and again. And here’s a little secret, the best copywriters
in the world have written more terrible copy than anyone! And that is why they’re the best. They’ve learned through experience and gauging
results, time and time again. And that’s the difference between just a
writer and a copywriter. Write. Results. Repeat. And the same goes for you content writers. Sure while your purpose, direction and goal are different than copywriters, you’re still
able to gather market feedback and quantify results based on engagement, SEO rankings
or virality. So you want to know the secret to writing good
copy? 1. Write bad copy… 2. Fix it. You have to start somewhere and your first
few goes are definitely going to be basic. So you might as well get those outta the way
so you can more quickly step into your genius copywriting self. Ok? And that’s what I’m here for – to help
you start and succeed with copywriting! I release a new copywriting tutorial every
single week so hit subscribe below and then make sure to hit that little bell icon to
be notified of when my next video tutorial goes live! But in this video, I’m going to be sharing
the 5 biggest mistakes you might be making as a copywriter. Hopefully this will give you a leg up so you
can start strong and avoid the missteps that I learned along the way… Alright, mistake #1… You’re Afraid To Polarize I can’t tell you enough how many times I’ve
heard my clients or students say, “But Alex, my product or service can help anyone! I don’t want to alienate anyone in my copy…” To which I say. “That’s nice. But if no one’s buying your product or service,
than you’re not helping anyone. So.” The truth of the matter is: you need to polarize
your audience. Why? Because polarity=popularity. If you try to help everyone you will help
no one. So for reals people, for a second can we
just get over the fact that your product is amazing and life changing and probably CAN
actually help everyone, because really, that should be a given! I’m hoping that the REASON you’re looking
to write better copy is because you have something to sell that IS amazing and WILL help people… But if that’s all you needed to write in
your sales copy than you wouldn’t be here. So remember, you should be spending LESS time
talking about WHAT your product is and more time talking about WHO and WHY it can help. Your audience will always ask “So what? Who cares? And what’s in it for me?” I know, rude right? But, the quicker you answer these questions,
the higher your conversions will be! And part of figuring out WHO your audience
is, is figuring out who your audience isn’t. Ask yourself, who might disagree with me? The more polarity you create, the more your
ideal audience is going to rally behind you and the more trust you’ll actually create. Leaders have strong convictions and aren’t
afraid to voice them. So be authentically and unapologetically YOU. Now, I’m not saying you should sit down
and ask yourself “hmmm who shall I offend today?” But don’t be afraid of causing some controversy
and conversation. As they say, the well-behaved never make history! Ok mistake #2… You Talk About Features Not Benefits One of the most powerful things you can learn
as a marketer and copywriter is the difference between features and benefits. So here’s a quick distinction: A feature is something that your product has
or is. It is planned, built, and executed in order
to directly solve a common problem. In sales copy, features are factual statements
about what your product or service is, and they are NOT what entice your customers to
buy. Benefits, on the other hand, are why someone
is purchasing your product. In sales copy, benefits describe the outcome
that a user will (hopefully) experience by using your product or service. They are RESULTS expressed through desired
emotions and answer the question “What’s in it for me?” So let me give you some examples of how to
turn your features into benefits. Feature: Batteries Included. Benefit: Ready to use! No disappointed child on Christmas morning. Feature: A complete list of 5 minute core
exercises. Benefit: Get that tummy bikini ready in just
5 minutes a day just in time for your vacation. Ok now let me hear from you! Comment below with a feature or benefit of
your product or service. And brownie points for whoever has the juiciest
benefit! Okay now moving onto mistake #3… You Don’t Think Mobile First In a recent study I read, in 2019 up to 80%
of all web traffic will be mobile! And every single year that number goes up
and up and up and up. Now, to give you some perspective, in 2010,
only 20% of internet consumption came from mobile devices. The data also shows that bounce rates are
significantly higher on mobile devices than desktop computers, which means mobile users
are more likely to land on a webpage, and then GTFO. And that’s likely because so many businesses
are still not following the trends and optimizing their copy and websites for mobile first. So don’t let that be you. Assume the majority of users will be reading
your copy on a small screen with big thumbs! So test shorter headlines, larger font, use
words like “tap” instead of “click” and make your copy easy to follow and flow
on a small single column mobile device… ALWAYS test to see how your copy looks on
mobile first before you start sending traffic. Next, moving on to mistake #4… You get too fancy. Listen Linda. You’re smart. You use big words, you love wit and innuendo,
and you expect your reader remember what you said 2 seconds ago… But here’s the thing… they don’t. The average American reads at the 7th-grade
level. So, if you’re writing something that a pre-teen
would find kind of confusing or difficult to read, your copy is too complex. Our brains are lazy and we love cognitive
fluency. Which means, the easier something is to understand… the more likely we are to actually believe it. So while YOU might feel all smart using big
and fancy words, as it turns out, the more complex your copy, the less intelligent you
actually seem. As the old saying goes: “If you can’t
explain it simply, you just don’t understand it well enough.” The goal of copywriting is to hook your prospects
attention and carefully guide them through the message until they take that desired call
to action. So really, the goal of every single sentence
is to get your prospect to read the next sentence. And as soon as you use a complex word, or
unnecessary fluff or unrecognized idioms, you break your connection with the reader
and they’re gone. Studies have also shown that your brain will
forget information at a shocking speed if there is no repetition. Which is why you need to add a lot of redundancy
in your copywriting by restating important benefits and calls to action. This also helps those “scanners… you
know those people who read through copy and just read headlines and a few bits at a time
– If you repeat yourself they’ll get the message too. Now this goes for design as well. Never let the design of a webpage guide the
copy that you write. The visuals should always support the message. And not the other way around. As they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words,
so an image that properly supports your message will only help you improve conversions. Pictures and design should help you tell your
story better, so as you’re writing… Really think about the way your message will
best be visually represented with imagery that will actually support your message, and
not distract from it. So, whatever you do, don’t start gettin’
fancy with the design and then try to plug in copy after the fact. And finally, mistake #5… You Don’t Say “Because” Marketing 101 y’all, you need to include
a “reason why” in your marketing, ESPECIALLY for the things your audience might not like
or understand, like why you’re limiting a sale or why you have a “no refund policy”. In the 1970’s, Harvard prof Ellen Ladner
conducted a study where her researchers approached people using copying machines and asked if
they could cut in line. When they asked “Excuse me. I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox machine?” 60% of people said yes. Not bad. When they changed their request to “Excuse
me. I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I’m
in a rush?” A whopping 94% of people said yes. But here’s the best part, they found that
giving any reason at all to cut in line, no matter how ridiculous, worked just as well. So when they asked “Excuse me. I have 5 pages. May I use the Xerox machine because I have
to make copies?” 93% of people still said yes. Now of course there are some limits to this
phenomenon, according to the study “…because an elephant is after me” didn’t quite
cut it. But it still shows the power of using BECAUSE
in marketing. Why am I offering a discount? Because… Why is the discount available for only 24
hours? Because… Why do I not offer refunds? Because… You get the idea. Using the B word frequently in your marketing,
no matter how simple or obvious the explanation may seem… Your copy will convert better, I promise. Alright!! There she be. The 5 biggest copywriting mistakes that could
be cutting your conversions in half. Please give me a thumbs up below if you found
this video helpful! Next up, be sure to watch my video on How
To Find A Hot Niche. In it, I’ll walk you though my step-by-step
process for defining your audience and finding the perfect market/offer fit, this is a great
exercise to do before you start writing your copy. So you can watch that video right here. And be sure to subscribe. I will see you next week! Until then, I’m Alex. Ciao for now.


  • Feature: No Added Sugar

    Benefit: No need to feel guilty about adding your own spoonful (or 5) of extra sugar

  • Thanks for posting this. Great content and delivery. Benefit: Create more opportunities for sales to grow your business.

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