The Last Full Measure Official Trailer | Roadside Attractions

The Last Full Measure Official Trailer | Roadside Attractions

Operation Abilene… …was one of the bloodiest battles of the Vietnam War. Everybody down! The entire company nearly wiped out. We are taking fire! I prayed for a miracle. One came. His name is Pits. Pits saved lives. We put him up for the Medal of Honor. But he never got the medal? Justice delayed is justice denied. The Medal of Honor… …is the highest recognition of military valor there is. You’ll prepare a full decorations review. Mister Pitsenbarger, Sir… …I’m from the Department of Defense. I’m here to learn about your son. If you want the real story, you’ll need to talk to the Mud Soldiers. I’ve never seen lost men like that. Pitsenbarger comes down that wire saves men he never even knew. Sounds like a suicide mission. Suicide is hopeless. What Pitsenbarger did was valor. Kept telling him to get out but he wouldn’t go. He was there to save lives and that’s what he was doing. Why’re you here? Because you’re here. Hell, he shouldn’t even have been there. None of us should have. What are you saying? Friendly fire, we were fighting our own men. The after action report is missing. Who even thought up Operation Abilene in the first place? It’s not a can of worms you wanna open. Why not? Information was removed from the original review. You have no idea what you’re starting. I have never seen you back off of anything. Usually we’re judged by what we do… …but what we don’t do is what haunts us. I’m gonna go public with the story. Sounds a little dangerous. But it’ll be great television. Getting that medal for Pits, for the men I lost… …might be the only decent thing I pull out of that war. Pitsenbarger’s father is dying. Dying isn’t harder than losing a child. Do what you can. Guys like Pitsenbarger do what they do for each other. A life for a life. I need to finish this. Give praise as this young man ensures… …that the sacrifices of the fallen… …will never be forgotten.


  • Ever since 'Nam, whenever I smell rice, my trigger finger starts pulling.

  • He said I'm going to go public. That meant something. You could go to the media they would research it themselves and print it. I was taught that my whole life but the last three years have proved different

  • really, it required a conspiracy to save a medal?

  • Every movie about Vietnam says the same thing.."bloodiest battle of the Vietnam war" no it wasn't. There were plenty that were worse. Guys saying " what are you doing here?" Lol…he's a medic, he's supposed to be there. He did a hell of a job too.

  • Don't think this guy would be happy that his story is turned into fictional bs.

  • American tried hard to convince the world that they won in vietnam. In fact they loss badly in guerilla warfare. Hundred thousands of their soldiers had died. Recorded and unrecorded…

  • Oil. Again.

  • Still movies about Vietnam War in 2020??? Boring…

  • Whatever– Another hollywood/jane (f'n) fonda, Anti-Vietnam War movie so that pissant liberal civilians can feel good about themselves– FUCK YOU . . .

  • During war…We fight with enemy for few days,but after that we fight
    Our own people..For recognition,for hanour, &
    for price we paid
    Most importantly..Respect

  • Preparando la mente de los norteamericanos para la WWIII, llenándolos de orgullo patriota.

  • Sucks that our generation cares more about the actors than the men that lived it. Movie should inspire you to do something real and impactful

  • US makes war for every decades thousands miles away from its border line. And is this what they call hero ?

  • I miss the movie like this! 😁

  • Defo one to watch along with 1917.

  • What a f**k ? American hero ?? The real Heros of that war are Vietnamese; Not a single American ; Directors are too much 😂😂

  • Ah another American war hero story. Soon there will be war hero stories about the war against Iran too. Yep, they love their wars alright

  • Everyone is hero until the tree is talkin' and shakin' their booty

  • Kill 1000 men's and Save 1 life, where is more happiness, why?

  • John rambo

  • Watch the Aussie film just released " Danger Close "

  • – Why you are here?
    – Because we are US, we bring you democracy and some napalm…

  • Sebastian Stan Is Proud Muslim

  • Dr. Nizam Sarkawi

    Courage under fire, male version.

  • Cruzito's first role

  • Rupali Chatterjee

    Vietnam defeated the United states..God is Great

  • I can't wait to see this movie.

  • Can wait to see it there finally making good war movies again and based on a real person to so bonus.

  • inspire

  • Crowned Morning Star

    That's the 68 whiskey I've always dreamed of being. No firefight, artillery, enemy, or act of god will ever EVER stop me from saving the lives of my brothers. I will crawl to hell and back for them, dead or alive I will always come for you.

  • Hand Salute to Pararescue men like Aaron Farrior, Doug McGill, Chuck Morrow…all USAF Pararesue heros. Truth is, all of them are. Jolly Greens and Pararescue…Semper Fi friends.

  • Bruce Radford sorry wrong house

    Well the helicopter would be a clue of whom you would be shooting at!! But that's just me!

  • How many Americans have lost innocent lives because of their power-hungry ways?

  • My father was in this war!! I think this war was the horrible of them all.

  • Hillbilly lives matter !

    What’s the song in this.. sounds like it’s by hans zimmer

  • From the trailer, most of this movie is completely false.

    William Pitsenbarger wasn’t stopped from getting his MoH due to some grand conspiracy, he was instead awarded the Air Force Cross, the second highest award. It was upgraded by Congress & the USAF Chief of Staffs because his friends & family continually (& rightfully) asked as such for years.

    Also, I have no idea where the whole “friendly fire” issue came from. Pitsenbarger was killed, and earned the MoH, during the the ambush of C Company, 2/16. They were surrounded by the Viet Cong battalion D800. The 36 servicemen killed were all slain by hostile fire.

    There is absolutely no historical basis for the “conspiracy” or the friendly fire claim. This seems more like a political statement rather than a legitimate attempt to honor Pitsenbarger. My grandfather was a SOG member in Vietnam, and his brother was a pilot (MIA 1970). This is borderline insulting. If you’re going to make a movie about some grand Pentagon conspiracy go ahead, but don’t try & use the name of a MoH recipient for what I assume is purely attention.

  • A Must See Friday January 24, 2020

  • Kaylee Pitsenbarger

    Hearing famous people say my last name is werid

  • If you'd like to check out a review of #TheLastFullMeasure before it's out click here:

  • Yeah for Pitts!'

  • As more is released involving Vietnam, the more we see the sacrifices of our men and woman. God bless each of them… We will be in the theater if for no other reason than to honor them.

  • Standupforyourself9

    Arm pits

  • It is so sad and infuriating that for some reason people in the comments seem to care more about some Hollywood actor then a man posthumously receiving the Medal of Honor for his outstanding heroism in the face of danger during the Vietnam war

  • FINALLY another Vietnam movie………….. its been a while

  • Matthew Jess Outdoors

    His statue and name are everywhere in piqua love that our hometown hero is getting his own movie and more recognition.

  • I hope they show Pits on more than this one mission. He participated in so many other rescues.

    I remember seeing so many combat films of PJs in action at Commanders call 66 to 68 before I went to SEA.

  • Legitimately just saw the trailer on tv and I’m here now, watching again, and also doing research on this fallen hero. Thank you to all of the men and women who have sacrificed their lives for this country and RIP.

  • No lie my grandfather was the historical advisor for this movie and I’m incredibly proud of him. I hope you all love this movie as much as I did.

  • Vietnam: an American war crime that just keeps on giving

  • A war hero in a war that should never have taken place. You sure do know how to eintertain us America.

  • South Sound Rider

    I served in the US Air Force from 1999 – 2014 and I've always read about the heroics of Pitsenbarger throughout my career. It's something that Airmen will never forget when they are serving. Pitsenbarger was the true definition of service before self. His MoH citation was something truly inspirational to read when I questioned myself as to why I chose to serve.

  • 0:59 who is this actor?

  • I see your Sebastian Stan and raise you a Mathew Rhys

  • Now we just need a Carlos Hathcock film

  • loved it.

  • Was there a book written on this story??

  • Who the hell is Sebastian??

  • There is a movie finally about a pj or a pararrescuemen they are one of the most highly trained medics in the world they go in well undwr fire to get in and get the men out and make sure they come back alive

  • MY God Sebastian stan is so underutilized in hollywood.

  • I saw the trailer for this when I went to see 1917 with my dad. And will most likely see this movie as well it sounds like an interesting story.

  • US Army to Hollywood "we need more recruits"
    Hollywood "okay, we've got you"

  • I’ve had the honor of meeting some of these brave men of C CO, 2ND BN, 16TH INFANTRY, 1ST INF DIV, USARV. They were the men Pitsenbarger risked his life for the pain in their eyes talking to them 30 years later helped me understand that I could never understand. Godspeed Mudsoldiers hero’s of Panel 6E

  • Lennard Covarrubias

    Great job now this to one about Roy benavidez that's overdue🇲🇽🇺🇸 Republic of Vietnam 1971 Saigon / long binh..

  • First danger close now this! Good couple years for Vietnam movies

  • Im' viet cong , please solo yasuo with me :))

  • The USA has invaded over 90+countries since WW2 agent orange Vietnam USA poppy fields ect….

  • Jesus loves you so much no matter what you can always come back to Him getting saved is the best choice you can ever make!!!!!

  • Not convincing. Men too old. Old. When I was in we were drafted at age 19. The old guys were 21/23. Not.

  • Damn that's crazy

  • Dubbed in Hindi please

  • Please please dubbed in hindi 🙏🙏

  • Everything in this film started out fine until it veered off on a completely fake narrative: The claim that there was some conspiracy to hide the issue of friendly fire in this battle. 
    In fact all of this was known when Pitsenbarger received posthumous the Air Force Cross (Navy, Army and Airmen cross is the second highest decoration in the US military). In fact he had already received Air Force Cross, Airman's Medal, Purple Heart, and the Air Medal for his actions — so he was not some kind of anonymous and hidden hero. The issue of "friendly fire' was not deaths of US soldiers in Battle of Xa Cam My, no us service personnel were killed by friendly fire in that engagement. The issue was the close artillery fire that forced some of the rescue helicopters to withdraw and stay back. That danger close artillery fire was called in by the Us troops on the ground.

  • They dedicated the movie to Peter Fonda brother of Hanio Jane.


    Should have been dedicated to Pits and all PJs.

  • Is that mufuckin Samuel L Jackson in another mufuckin movie!

  • Halloween__ Tesla

    When does this movie come out???

  • Best movie I’ve seen in a while, had me balling my eyes out, beautiful story🖤

  • Nam was a giant cluster fkkk

  • Seeking justice in the D.S.A (divided states of america)government? That would be funny if it wasn't so pathetic. The Lord Judge the Wickedness. In Washington as well as in hollywood

  • Fun to see Alison Sudol aka Queenie from "Fantastic beasts" in another kind of role. (wife of Sebastian Stan ) Cant wait to see this one !

  • Masterpiece

  • All began with a gentleman from Mifflin County, PA. Parker Hayes, the man who began the drive to once again resubmit the Medal of Honor application for Pitsenbarger.

  • Super movie 👍

  • Even modern warfare Hollywood's can bluff like black hawk down ..I don't think this movies is totally true story .. AGENDA always on point in every Hollywood war movies

  • Everyone Gangsta Till the Tree’s start talking

  • Enough about the "" special groups"". Talk about the ordinary drafted army man.. and yes we did not have "" woman"" in our groups.

  • stupid capitalist pigdogs

  • been a pararescueman since 2018, super hyped to finally see this movie since we learned about pitsenbarger religiously in tech school. not saying people can’t love their favorite actors but it is somewhat disappointing most of the comments are teenage girls talking about their “baby boy” sebastian stan. this man gave everything and performed his duties and saved dozens of men. wish more people could focus on that. that others may live, hooyah.

  • omnia resipsaloquitor

    this viet vet knows what these current jumpers are doing is ""Gym Class compared to Nam."" there is no comparison, what nonsense…..the truth is in the data,,,,,if you have the intelligence to know where to look,,,,,,,the rockpile and sandbox wars of afstan and iraq are a total waste of lives in vain and taxpayers treasure,,,,,,,,by comparison,,,,,,, a tenth as many lives lost but trillions of dollars in treasure wasted in the middle east since the fall of 2001….check out retired army Colonel Douglas Macgregor's youtube channel. he is a fierce critic of our waste of money and goodly lives in our middle east wars.

  • Kirsteinne Fernandez

    Finally. Sebastian Stan's time to shine. Ya'll better-

  • Learn about him in BMT. Proud to be in the same branch that he served. Proud Air Force tradition.

  • HOO-YAH..!!

  • Backwards Vinyl Spin 80 R

    Bad (lifetime style) trailer for an excellent movie.

  • i cried watching this movie

  • not going to lie I watched this film only for Sebastian Stan, but ended up crying and respecting all those veterans, especially William H. Pitsenbarger

  • Forrest Gump, the real story.

  • Why USA went there in a first place

  • The very last man to personally engage communist ground forces in Southeast Asia was a PJ.
    Chief Master Sergeant Wayne Fisk

  • 100 percent service connected disabled American veteran here it was a hell of a war then you come home and they spit at you call you baby killer and still to this day have old hippies thinking I should thank them for ending the war never before in American history have men come back from war to such abuse they need to have a scien where he comes home and is spit on by hippies

  • Lawrence Nehru Superville

    it was a beautiful movie…It shows the sacrifices of men and the lies that are made to cover their sacrifice…there will always be wars and men willing to fight to the end so that others can live and there will always be men willing to rob them of the honor due….

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