The New Majority: Today’s College Students

The New Majority:  Today’s College Students

– If my mom can go through school with a family and a job, which is essentially three jobs, why can’t I do it? That’s really what inspired me most to continue with my college and pursue becoming a physician. – Being able to find that balance. To still be at home with family responsibilities, but at the same time being a student who wants to pursue higher education, is something that I found a lot of support here at Mission College. – Your success is really
important to all of us at the foundation. And you know, one of the things that I’m struck by is how well the institution has been responsive to the types of supports and the tools and resources that students need to make
their experience more personable and personal. It’s great to hear that Mission College has been able to do that for you. – Once I got to community college I realized that, I’d kind
of done things incorrectly. Like not actually going to a counselor, and getting any education plan done. I needed to take more
accountability for myself. And I sought out somebody or something that could help me. And the kinesiology club really did that. That just translated into
so many opportunities. – I was able to meet with staff, faculty, and even the administrators. Having a place for people to be heard, and even a place for people
to develop their voices, is very important to me. – This term that we call the new majority, that describes really the
vast number of students in higher institutions across the country. And the new majority of
students are typically first in their family to go to college. They’re working, they’re
supporting a family. Oftentimes they come from
low income backgrounds, or they’re students of color. So how was your experience different than what most
people typically think? – My parents want me to stay at home for as long as they can keep me at home. Being able to have
support from my household but also from school. – Yeah. – I think that’s going to change the way that my family views education. – So I feel like with all our experiences as community college students, we’ve found to be more resilient. All of those experiences that I’ve had just made me stronger. And now I’m doing these
things at UC Davis, and I still wanna do more. – Many more institutions
need to have that mindset, of student-centered focus. You know, that’s what it means for us. And we’re committed to
continue to do this until this is truly the
birthright of every student, that they can go to any institution of their choice. And the institution will
meet them where they are. And support their success.


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