Tonicum – using AdWords as their main online marketing tool

I’m Corinna Stieler, a partner
in the Tonicum music school. I’m Frank-Michael Jirka,
and I’m the other partner. We’re a small private music
school in North Leipzig. Naturally we’re always trying
to boost the quality of our offer and make our tuition modern
and up to date – the kind that makes students say,
‘Let’s go there.’ Even third- or fourth-graders
know how to use a Google search and how to find exactly
what they’re looking for. About 95% of our advertising
is done using Google AdWords. Once you’re up to speed,
it’s quick and easy to use. And it’s plain to see that AdWords is the primary
source of all the online enquiries we get. Our aim is to keep teaching music as
well as possible, and to keep improving.

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