Trump Campaign Launches Website To Help Conservatives Win Debates Against “Snowflakes”

Trump Campaign Launches Website To Help Conservatives Win Debates Against “Snowflakes”

Last week, just in time for Christmas, the
Trump campaign launched a new website called and the point of this
website, which is still up and I imagined going to be running all through the campaign
season, is to provide Trump supporters with the necessary talking points to handle their
liberal snowflake friends and family. Now they wanted it to be just for Christmas,
but like I said, it’s still up here. A week later they wanted to keep going because
to be honest, it’s not a bad idea other than obviously the fact that this website is filled
with the overinflated economic numbers and outright falsehoods. So folks, let’s do this. Let’s go through Let’s look at some of these talking points
and find out what these Trumpsters are telling their friends and family. So here we go. The Trump economy is strong as the number
one thing here. We are enjoying the hottest and strongest
eco- economy this country has had in 50 years. And this is due to president Trump’s, Trump’s
common sense job creating. Uh, here are some points you can highlight
for your liberal friends and family and it’s all backed up by facts, not feelings. The US has added more than 7 million new jobs
since president Trump was elected. That is not true. That is an overinflated number. We have not added 7 million new jobs. Um, we also have, uh, this includes over 500,000
new manufacturing jobs and nearly 4 million jobs for women. Again, both those numbers are over inflated. The real numbers are nowhere near that. Uh, monthly jobs reports are showing that
the Trump economy is still soaring there. They’re not showing that at all. They’re, they’re not. They’re all having to be revised downward
like two or three months later. Sometimes because you overinflated the numbers
by as much as 30 or 40%. No, not that great. The Trump economy is boosting every community. Not mine. Probably not yours either. I would imagine. Because here’s the thing about Trump’s economy,
and this actually goes back to the Obama economy too. Yeah. It looks great on paper. Unemployment rate is down. We are creating more jobs than we’re losing. People are working of every nationality here
in the United States. The problem is nearly half of those jobs are
what’s considered low wage, paying less than $18,000 a year. They’re poverty jobs folks. So no, that doesn’t count as a strong economy
when only those at the top are doing well. Here’s another category. It is important to enforce immigration and
immigration and law and build the wall. Let’s start debunking some of these liberal
lies. What about those detention cages? The so called cages used at detention facilities
were first built and used under the Obama administration. As a matter of fact, the Obama administration
and Joe Biden started using them as early as 2014. And that’s, that’s all it says about the cages. So your defense of your guy putting kids in
cages is to say, Whoa, will the black guy put kids in cages too Joe Biden, put kids
in cages and his started in like 2014 so we’re just, we’re just doing what they did. That’s not a friggin excuse. Obama was shitty for doing it. So is Trump. That’s the point. It doesn’t matter if it was a liberal or conservative,
putting a child in a cage is wrong, especially considering the fact that the majority of
these people did nothing illegal. They’re not criminals. And the ones who did do something illegal,
like crossing the border when you weren’t allowed to, uh, that’s a misdemeanor by the
way, certainly does not warrant being shoved into a cage. So let’s continue, uh, other countries paying
their fair share and trade deals, that or not trade deals. But excuse me, with the organizations, you
know, NATO, the UN, something like that. Literally nobody in this country ever cared
about that, that, that’s not even a talking point. I can’t imagine sitting down to a holiday
dinner with somebody or going to a birthday party and somebody saying, Hey, how great
is it that we got Lithuania to throw in a couple of million right into NATO? You’re gonna look at him and say, what? I don’t even know what any of that means. Are they even a part of NATO? I don’t know. And I don’t care. Trump approach to healthcare much better than
Dems who would kill employer provided coverage. Oh yeah. Yeah. Because everybody’s clamoring to go out and
talk about how awesome their healthcare is from their employer. I have a wonderful employer with a worst possible
healthcare plan you could imagine, why? Cause that’s really all that’s available in
my area. It’s the cheapest one for them, not for me. It sucks. Majority of people in this country also think
that their personal healthcare plan sucks. So anyway, folks, if you have some time of
your own, I encourage you to go look around on and that way when
one of your idiotic Maga hat wearing relatives comes at you with one of these stupid talking
points, you can already be prepared to debunk it.


  • I saw this a couple of days ago when it was initially reported on. I think this is hilarious because that shows you what a cult his followers really are. That they have to be told what to say -that they can’t think for themselves. And that’s exactly what the cult leader depends on.

  • Ole Christian Henne

    Still make money on trump inn 2020 impeaced great huh!?!?

  • Here's a video for Trump supporters:

  • Dodging Donny shuts down the EPA website that tracks pollution, that could actually help people, for this. Disgusting political hack.

  • Even if Donglebery's policies were responsible for a strong economy, he deserves no credit. Because this "terrific" economy came by way of raising the deficit to a record high, easing regulations on banks and other financial institutions and polluters. Drill baby drill! But it's just a pipe dream and will come crashing down any time. He keeps the economy humming by passing down the shitstorm to future generations.

  • Donald Trump has been complaining about “how unfairly” he’s been treated since he was a candidate.

  • Trump closes a website that measures pollution coming from factories and opens up this joke site. What a buffoon!!!!

  • Hell, they've already got an entire network devoted to 'Snowflake Victory'. It's called Faux News.

  • Thank God for 2020. 2019 was a sucky year!

  • Hearing the same old lies regurgitated by morons at the dinner table isn't going to convince anyone Drumpf isn't a pile of old dookie mold.

  • Is that website being funded by taxpayer's money!?

  • "How to Lie and Influence People." LMAO.

  • you use surface pro instead of ipad? lame!

  • If those numbers are over inflated what are the real numbers.

  • Talking to a MAGAt moron is effective as talking to a brick wall.

  • Register as Democrat NOW! Dem Primary on 3-3-2020

    You are making too much sense Farron. You might hurt their feelings and trigger the creation of another idiotic website.

  • Economically I don't see shit happening at all!!!

  • Bernie 2020!!!

  • Lies, Deflections, Whataboutisms….that's the Republican way to debate baby!

  • It's pretty sad when you have to get everyone on the same page with talking points instead of relying on actual facts smfh ,,, lil loser bitches,,, whaaaaaa who's the snowflakes 😁 all white and all wet

  • Burn all the hatred hats.
    You can't spell hatred without red hat.
    It's as simple as that.

  • The Government should stay out of healthcare.

  • Farron's screaming reminds me of Samuel L Jackson. Lol

  • James A. Holland

    I truly can’t believe that this is actually happening in the US GOVERNMENT!! I mean, what a joke and these people are actually serious. So ashamed to be associated with this government by ways of being a citizen. So much for proud to be an American. The world is laughing at us precisely for insane shit like this.



  • Happy Blue Year.

  • Anything republiKLANS and KLANsevaTARDS do or say they have to pull it right from out of there asses… 💩❄️💩❄️💩❄️more like bullshit and Snow Flakes…

  • michael ouellette

    Cant win them with Brilliance dazzle them with bullshit biggest play book of the repubs

  • Anyone else tired of the "is the media biased against Trump" ad? No they're not biased. Trump is a cancer. America needs chemo.

  • Trump can put out all the websites he wants. Everyone knows he’s one lie after another.

  • Robert Erlandson

    I find this funny since Trumpers complain more than anyone else when things aren't going their way

  • داوود داوودي


  • VOTE!!!

  • NJDevils IsMyTeam2112535

    comey owns this…he helped this compulsive lying Buffon win.

    And when we don’t get out to vote in these 2 very important elections like the midterms and presidential election because we all thought we can afford to take our democracy and freedom for granted by staying home, this is what we get, a compromised gop party controlling Congress and a buffoon president named donald trump.

    It’s urgent to vote on November 3rd, 2020 for democrats only because we are so much better off with them controlling both chambers of Congress and the House and we’re also better off with an adult Democrat President controlling the Oval Office. We need to make this a permanent thing by promising ourselves we’ll vote in these 2 major important elections for the rest of our lives from now on because not voting has consequences. This is what we’ll get. We as American resistors shall never trust the gop ever again to have power in Congress. They all sold their souls to trump and 🇷🇺 and the nra. Time to vote them all out of the senate. Especially Moscow Mitch. The gop does not govern for America and the constitution and for us as civilians anymore, they govern only for donny boy and his family and cronies and 🇷🇺 and the nra. Our democracy and freedom and constitutional rights, doesn’t mean shit to the gop. Greed from donny boy and 🇷🇺 and only power does. Time to vote them all out of the senate

    Who’s with me here?

  • we don't really need arguments and rebuttals to this, we have a snowflake sitting in the oval office who just tweets out butthurt comments everytime his feelings are hurt.

  • Wow.
    You mean to say,that the TRUMPERS need Cliff notes to actually talk smack?
    Why ?

  • Wow – putting kids in cages.

  • Cuz is flat out wrong on this one. The website is NOT for conservatives but for Trump supporters. They're mutually exclusive.

  • That website just shows the Trump supporters are too stupid to come up with comebacks themselves so they need a little cheat sheet

  • Sounds like some kinda new religion of embellishments. Pure cult when your leadership is beyond reproach.

  • Yeah that should go over as well as Trump University…

  • Well, that's all well & good. But this will work as well as Christians V.S. Atheists. It will be a big circle jerk with jackasses reaffirming eachothers ideas. Now, i hate left wing extremist snowflakes. But I've seen a SHIT TON of right wing snowflakes out there this year and I think it's hilarious to call their stupid asses out. Because left wing snowflakes are typically really young college kids. Right wing snowflakes are as high up as the white house!


    dont need to hear this my fam and I are voting blue. we know what trumpo is.

  • Point: the cages on the border were used in the obama administration
    Counterpoint: if trump had an ounce of humanity he would have stopped using them. If the media had any integrity, those cages should have been a scandal in the obama administration, but they were too focused on his birth certificate, and his tan suit, and the "War on Christmas".

  • Waterborne Camper

    Just proving what we all know – the cult of Trump are programmed robots who can no longer form original thoughts.

  • you don't see sites like this for "the commie libs" but hey, the cultist orange sheeple need all the help they can get considering their handicap of not having normally functioning brain cells. talking points for the trumpanzee sheeple so the herd can all get on the same page as their masters. fact-checking? "what's that?" they bleat, "our masters have given us the WORD and the WORD was good…no need to fact-check it." belief and feels SO much more important than reality or facts to them.

  • I swear to all that is divine, his stupidity and fallacies are endless. But what sickens me more than Trump force feeding us this easily refutable garbage, is the fact that his sycophants eats this stuff for breakfast, lunch, dinner AND dessert, and run with it as if theu can't think with their own damn brains! But apparently, this has been the tale since the 2016 race.

  • Calling people names, lying , interrupting with nonsense is not winning debates, only if you're delusional or out right crazy. Any Trump talking point is an automatic loser.

  • What does he consider winning? So far as I know, Trump never even participated in a debate. He just yells, name calls and lies. That is not debating. That's stupid.

  • Haven't seen the website but I imagine the instructions go something like this:

    How to win an argument with a Snowflake:

    Step 1 – Memorize these pre-prepared phrases.

    Step 2 – Find a mirror or other reflective surface.

    Step 3 – Shout your memorized phrases at the snowflake infront of you.

    Step 4 – You'll know you've won when you are the last one talking.

  • Team Trump sure ain't snowflakes, every one is identical. Kellyanne, 60 violations? Is Team Trump not the greatest collection of scofflaws and all-out criminals ever assembled? Inspired and directed (not controlled, no actual direction, either) by Kysor Alzheimer and his faithful (insured) sidekick, Rudy (agent double O zero). What TF?

  • as the donnydrones bawl and whine about how "everyone is so meeeeeeaaaaan" to them for trying to take away all American's healthcare. THEY are the precious snowflakes. Sad.

  • Real news. The economy is on the brink of recession due to stupidity of tariffs and having a twisted genius as a president.

  • A website to keep them indoctrinated and ease their conscious with constantly inciting their hate, in wake of the 2020 election. Don't think he doesn't know that it won't be as easy as the 2016 election, he can't come in like a hurricane and shock a nation that wasn't prepared for what he was selling. We have had time to study him and push back and we have a descent candidate in Bernie Sanders, who's policies, his own people agree with, the Fox town hall with Bernie proved that. He doesn't want to debate, he doesn't have a republican opponent and he's full of fear and he really doesn't have a platform against the issues. Can you imagine him constantly talking about the impeachment to the rest of the country, against the issues and his people would be watching their great leader fail. Yeah he's keeping them indoctrinated, but of course we still have to get out and vote, please check and see before the election, that you are still an active voter, republicans are up to their tricks.

  • Or "How to make lies and infuriate people"

  • Pathetic morons. Their talking points are all a load of shit and they are so easily triggered.

  • Farron, you know as well as I do that this is exactly how hitler got started. It's truly horrifying to me. Next thing he will do is separate the women from the men. But the most heartbreaking to me is to separate the children from their mothers.

  • Don't forget that economists are saying that our economy today looks a lot like the economy looked right before the great depression.
    Source is Vox video "How did CEOs get so rich?"

  • How to be a triggered idiot snowflake unable to fact check: a guide

  • So sad

  • Hotmelinda Paranormal Damon Broadcast Owner U.S.A

    I will never Fake trump impeach him violated social Sercuity benefits back and Discrimination Specil needs new welfare and we are not letting TRUMP RUIN US SPECIL NEEDS

  • Drumpf has completely destroyed all respect and credibility for the office of the president and it'll take a long time before it recovers, if it ever does.

  • Trump is the "SNOW FLAKE" with orange tint and his loyal ignorant followers have water on the brains.

    Who's ALWAYS having a meltdown?

  • William Mccarthy

    Are those unemployed on the street in tents also included in those numbers, I doubt it.

  • 3:20–4:00– Okay, so if you're going to use that argument, don't ever talk about being compassionate, non-racist or bigot, and a true Christian. Eff up out of there. 4:30–5:00 Healthcare really great? Ugh, the hospital patients that I talk to, says otherwise. But as soon as I point it out, you Magatards are probably going to hunt me down, and go facist on me.

  • Can we kill this piece of shit now. Trump is now right up there with Hitler and Stalin

  • Just ignore trumpians. It drives them crazy.

  • There’s nothing wrong with that.

  • Trump clowns .com

  • Talking points for supporters? Proof that Republican voters can't think for themselves – they need to be programmed to regurgitate General Bonespur's fantasies.

  • Ruben Ashley Westerhoff

    it's to help snowflakes win the conversation

  • Haha! The Trump Campaign is absolutely disgusting period! Such Losers and Half-Wits.
    Nice try though, makes you look even more stupid by the day

  • Benjamin Henderson

    you go through line by line and refute this, but you dont give specifics. Saying its not true without info to back it up isnt going to help anyone fight this garbage.

  • How is it possible, that these criminals can do something like that? We mortals are fucked

  • That won't work, T-RUMP rethuglican minions are so uneducated,,they don't know how to read😉

  • reads the title

    How can they win a debate against themselves?

  • So, did anyone here have someone, that you think might actually have used this site, to argue with you?

  • They tell them what to say, how to think, & what to do. What more could they ask for?

  • 1970: Trump tries running a business, any business, but fails spectacularly, goes bankrupt, has to lie about his net worth to scam investors and banks into lending money to keep him afloat.

    2019: Trump runs the country, but fails spectacularly, making the economy and the prosperity of the American people worse off than ever before, has to lie about his achievements in order to scam the American people into letting him continue to rob and destroy American wealth and prosperity so he can personally benefit by using his position to enrich himself.

    Quote form Donald Trump: "You knew I was a snake before you took me in"

  • Maybe I'm being a bit hyperbolic, but it seems to me they literally put up a website actively encouraging division among familys for during the holidays.

  • Happy New Year!!!
    #PresidentBernie! Register and vote.

  • They didn't mention that Donnie small hands has NO plan for healthcare.

  • These guys made snowflake an official definition I’m fucking tired of definitions changing over time use the same fucking definition as before and don’t change it. Our country has become a joke.

  • Well that explains all the lurking trolling magats spewing verbatim lies. This is what people choose to waste their time on, is just pathetic. I'm guessing the dozens of fox ex employees drumpf has clogging up the toilet of a WH, are doing. Since they do nothing else.

  • Farron did you scroll to the bottom of the site where it says, "Paid for by Donald J. Trump for President, Inc."? This to me is disgusting and really says what tRump thinks of the office of US President!!!

  • Maybe Trump could try something he has, to date, found unthinkable: Telling the truth.

  • Even if those job numbers were correct – how many of them require the workers to do a second or third job or use stuff like food stamps?

  • Make part 2

  • This is petty and pathetic. In order words, just the sort of stupidity that Dumbald Trumkopf would come up with. Let's make the real easily triggered snowflakes cry and flee for their safe spaces!

  • All those good news are good on morons red states especially mining

  • A website filled with lies then, again nothing surprising there.

  • Friendly Reminder

    Critical Important Date: Feb. 3rd
    Primary Election ballots sent by mail. ( California recently had 600 voters purged according to Senator Bates. )

    If we don’t receive our ballots by
    2/10/2020, then we need to re-register under Democratic Party to vote for Bernie and make him OFFICIAL for November.

    ❤️🇺🇸💙 BERNIE2020

  • So this is still up, but toxmap isn’t?

    Republican Values

  • Please, kill my job's shitty fucking insurance. Oh yeah, it was good when I started this job….they just change it every year to save money.

  • I would never take advice from any Trump campaign site ever in life….guess that’s the problem. Trumpers just are not that bright at all.

  • “Snowflake victory.”
    Sounds very much like they are admitting they are snowflakes.

  • If you want to see how Insane some of these people are, check out this video:

  • Oh no! Homeless people are getting low wage jobs! Democrats will fix that by buying homeless people food, housing, medicine, and childcare for life with taxpayer dollars. Keep working hard! Liberal, leftist single mothers are depending on the welfare WE provide.

  • Addicted to Not Smoking

    We snowflakes are so easily triggered by trivial things like children dying in cages, school shootings happening on a regular basis with no action to prevent them, you know, mild inconveniences. But those conservatives have much thicker skin. Nothing ever triggers them, except for the truly serious travesties, like the threat of their cult leader losing the 2020 election. That's way more important than whether children live or die.

    If you fail to recognize this as sarcasm, then you must never have heard sarcasm before. Please don't blame it on the fact that you can't hear my tone of voice. It should be incredibly obvious even without that. I shouldn't even need this paragraph, since the previous one couldn't possibly be anything but sarcasm, but you never know when someone will somehow manage to take it literally.

  • Actually a snowflake has more intelligence then trump…😏

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