• This is called useful worthful video . Everyone must watch and learn this super easy and helpful guidelines for your Pinterest

  • yes ,my account is being suspended twice and it is in still suspended mode 🙁

  • Rose lets work in PJs

    You are so right Anastasia, I just received an email that one of my pins was deleted but it was not a pin that I had created myself.
    It was a pin that I had saved from a group board, I got so scared when I saw the email but when they said that it was nothing to do with my account I was like phew lol, by the way, did you report that pin that was stolen from you?
    Oh and I have another question, what does it mean when you try to repin a pin and they say it's blocked because the link is spammy?
    Thank you for your time, Anastasia.

  • Thanks for awesome tips

  • Rose lets work in PJs

    Oh I have one more question that I forgot to add in my previous comment, since you are only allowed to claim one website on Pinterest when you add content from other niches that you might be involved in, does it hurt your account, for example my claimed website is a skincare website but I do have other websites and I do have group boards that cover the other niches that I am involved in.
    Should I continue adding content from my other websites or should I create Pinterest accounts for every website I have? If my question is not clear, I am asking can you have many niches on one Pinterest account?

  • hello lady
    i want to ask you for hashtag? when i usee it in my pin thats mean i resked?

  • Faisal International Rugs

    A much awaited video. Again so helpful. I hope this video reaches to every Pinterest users and seek your super guidance. 👍

  • Hello Anastasia ; I start working with pinterest this month , I publish auto post from my wordpress to pinterest I just what to Know Is there Any risk to to this

  • Another great video from you. Bookmarking for reference.

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