Why does the indexed pages count vary?

Why does the indexed pages count vary?


  • Ricardo Vidallon

    Nice to know the difference for counting links using 'site:' versus the 'search console'.

  • I wish GSC was still called ‘Google Webmaster Tools’ like the good old days

  • clear!

  • How often should we submit site map? I upload a new blogpost on my website every week… so how my new blogpost get crawl …

  • Nice easter egg with the black cat.

  • nirmites theAgeOfCoding

    I am nirmites. Can I get 1k subscribers for unique name?

  • Pool And Spa TV

    Great video John! Very helpful.

  • Pradeep Kumar Sharma

    Thanks John..nice information

  • This was a very vital information. Using search parameter as "site:domain.com" gives approximation based on speed and is only rough estimate of the indexed pages. Sitemap files and index coverage reports are vital in this regard. Thanks John!!

  • SiteCozy website scanner

    With our sitecozy website checker, we count every HTTP answer that returns a 200 HTTP code with a genuine URL so that we don't count the duplicates.

  • Are there any Services, that can Host my HTML Webpages for free?
    Even, if they'd have a URL and/or Banner, that clearly spells the Name of the Service? It's better than nothing.

  • sreekanth devireddy

    What about those "indexed, but not submitted to sitemap"

    Can you explain about this cause all my urls having same url structure but suddenly one of my post got into it, any specific reason for that,

    Why it is happening with my sitr?

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