Why You Should Invest in Yourself on Social Media | Agent 2021 Keynote in Miami, Florida

Why You Should Invest in Yourself on Social Media | Agent 2021 Keynote in Miami, Florida

– Thank you, thank you,
thank you, good morning, please sit. This is obviously an
extremely special day. Usually, I get to be a
guest or the guest of honor for these things, but to be a
host is a different dynamic, and I just wanna first
and foremost thank Kim and Emma and Russ and the rest of the VaynerExperience team
for putting this together. (applause, cheering) What’s really interesting about this event is many different things. Number one, the fact that it is being held at the home of a team that
I hate with all my heart. (audience laughter) Number two, I think it would be imperative for me to thank Steve Ross,
the owner of Dolphins, and Matt Higgins, the CEO. There is no way we’re
doing this event here if they’re not our partners, so I think we should clap that up
because this is gorgeous. (applause) I also wanna thank all the speakers that came out to present the content, we have incredible content throughout. And obviously, I’m looking forward to my next session with Ryan. Obviously, real estate has
a tremendous path here, but travel auto insurance, the whole thing is super interesting to me
and I’m excited, you know, when I came up with the
concept of the name, I thought it was interesting to create a conference that actually expires. We, our ambition is to create
this brand, Agent 2021, for people that we have as agents. You know, obviously, we
pick the four sectors, industries that I think, what I’m about to keynote about, really matter. The timing around my
new book, Crushing It, and this talk is very important, because what is stunning to
me is how much opportunity there is for everybody at this conference and what it means at this moment. And to me, as you guys hear a lot, I day trade attention, I try not to guess, I don’t predict, and for me,
there’s a very clear path of how the next 36 to 48 months play out. And so I’m excited about doing this for the next four years, I
think Kim and I were talking, we’re like, you know,
as well as this goes, we’re probably not gonna
run out of room here. And so I think we’re pretty
focused on doing it here for the next four years, and
I really hope that, cool. (applause, cheering) And we’re excited to build on this. Knowing that quite a few of
you have a lot of context for me and my content, I
was giving a lot of thought to what I wanted to
talk about this morning, and I kind of thought of it
as less of a presentation or a keynote and less as a Q&A session ’cause we didn’t set it up that format, and more of kind of just like, you know, and a lot of you know this,
and you probably live it as well, you’re always gonna
talk a little bit different to 800 people than you’re
gonna talk to one person at a time, and there’s
always different gears. A lot of times, I talk about
having empathy for people not loving me at first,
because if they see me in an interview or on a keynote stage, that’s a different version
because I’ve gotta communicate in a different style,
the context is different. What I thought would be super
interesting this morning with this talk was give
this talk in the manner that it’s really legitimately
just like one on one instead of to 800, because
what I think is unique about the way we set this
up is I really do believe the advice I’m about to give, the thoughts that I want you to debate
are extremely one on one and literally map across the board. That’s why we sectored
these groups together. More importantly, this is not an audience that is in the dug out, right, you know, the far majority
of you are much further along than debating if social
media or the Internet is a good idea or that
you’re running, you know, print ads and bus stop ads
instead of other things. So a lot of things were going
through my mind last night, early this morning, and I think the thing that I really wanna focus
on right off the bat, actually, real quick ’cause I
see a lot of people standing, can you raise your hand if you
have a seat next to you open, just to let, if anybody
in the back wants to try to grab a seat, can you guys
hold it up for a second, ’cause I just want to
give everybody a chance in the back to sit down. What I think is super important to really attack this morning is, even though I know that this is a 201 or 301 curriculum crowd, I truly believe that most of you don’t understand
how big the stakes are, because you get caught
the way I get caught. I think one of the biggest mistakes that I’ve made in my career is I’ve been so on the cusp of things, you know, very early on, too early,
then I kinda hit my prime in mid-2000s where I was
getting my timing down. This is why I talk about
day trading attention. This will not be about
virtual reality today, even though I know, in 16 years, VR may affect your business. I think what I’ve done
well is I’m practical, this is not about
guessing, this is not about trying to be ahead of the curve or position myself as the
Vine 2 guy because it’s new, I’m trying to really
understand what is happening right this second that
makes, you know, a home sell. You know, what makes a sneaker sell. You know, what is going on right now. And so what happens
when you understand that and when you’re early and
you get the benefits of it, especially if you’re
getting the benefits of it, how many people here, by show of hands, and please raise your hand if it’s true, feel like their digital marketing, forget about social, feel
like their digital marketing is going well and is impacting their business in a positive
way, raise your hands? That’s what I’m actually
weirdly worried about, that was more than half the audience. And here’s where I’m excited. I don’t believe that most of us understand how early it is and I’m worried that you haven’t gone deep enough while you’re thinking about going wider. From a pure practical sense, I feel like a lot of people are debating their podcast or their Facebook Watch
video shows or their vlog or an Alexa Skill because
you’re paying attention to what I’m putting out
for free on a daily basis. You’re doing well on
Facebook Ads or Google Ads, but you’re leaving so
much more on the table. I know this because even I’m doing that. Like, I know for a fact
that I should be running, this would be ROI positive for my life. I should probably be running
somewhere in the ballpark of $100,000 to $200,000
a month in Instagram ads and I’m spending 10. So just think about the delta. Like, you know, this is a conversation I had yesterday with Andy. I’m like fuck, man, these Instagram ads are so fucking cheap, right. My content is doing so
well on that platform. How many people here are pretty
into Instagram right now, raise your hands? Weird, everyone. And yet I’m not fully squeezing it. And so I think the
vulnerability for a 301, a 201 executor of what’s
going on is the fact that we aren’t fully going deep enough. And so what I would challenge
everybody to think about this morning, more than
anything, is a couple of things. Number one. The Facebook arbitrage of its cost is stunningly underpriced. If I could give you the
biggest piece of advice that would be blanket,
that I know everybody could be affected by, whether
you have a restaurant or did, whether you have a liquor store or did, whether you’re in the real
estate business, insurance, I now for a fact, for a
fact, that you could afford 50 times X your investment
in both creative, the pictures, the videos,
the written words, and in actually spending
the ads to get far more. The fact that you’re
spending and it’s working is hiding the fact that there’s
a lot more underneath that. And I would really really
really take advantage of this morning to set
up, to set up the mindset for you to realize there’s
probably a lot more going on in the depth than there is in the width. Before you get inspired
to start your show, your podcast, your Alexa
Skill, what’s going on with Vine 2 when it comes out. Before you do that, which you should, but I feel like for most
of us, including myself, that should be 20% of our energy in mind and 80% should be looking very
carefully at what’s working and getting far more committed to it, because when I look back at
Google, for me, and again, I’m making too many
assumptions this morning that most people know who I am, Wine Library was built on
Google and email, right. Like, the narrative, you know, over time, gets manipulated and
it’s like social media, Wine Library was built
on Google and email. I was built on social
media, Wine Library TV was built on social media
which had a great impact, but when there was no money and there was very little marketing
dollars, and that’s the case for so many, no matter where you are or whether you’re holding back the money ’cause you wanna buy shit
instead of reinvesting it in your business, or because
your business is still small and you don’t have the
money, the way to go from somewhere to a
totally different level is actually very intriguing. It’s based on being right. It’s based on being very smart. It’s based on your
spending, a lot of people here compete with each
other theoretically, just for attention. Forget about being in the, you know, I think one thing that
our Budweiser client taught me in a meeting
a couple of years ago for VaynerMedia blew my mind. I’m in it, it’s early, I don’t know their business very well, and I’m talking about competing with
Heineken and Coors Light. And they looked at me like, oh, child. They’re like, “We don’t compete with that, “we compete for share of throat. “We’re not competing with Heineken, “we’re competing for
everybody’s share of throat.” They’re worried about bottled water, they’re worried about
Sprite, they’re worried about coconut water, they’re
worried about fucking oxygen. And so I think one thing
that I wanna make sure everybody understands here, you know, being in the businesses that you are, you naturally have some
great competitiveness. But when you meet somebody here today and they’re from Guatemala,
like I met the lovely guy from this morning, and
you’re from Cincinnati, doesn’t feel like you’re really
competing with each other because you’re not
selling homes or products or trying to get their travel
business in the same market. I think you are competing,
because to get attention is one feat, it’s a supply of attention. And so for me, what I wanted
to establish this morning, knowing that there was a ridiculous lineup of other speakers, knowing
that a lot of the speakers we strategically picked are
gonna go into more details. I wanted to really go into the nuances of the mindset that I think it will help to take people to the next level. Look, here’s something else
that’s super interesting to me. We are living through an
incredibly interesting time right now where, because of
the state of our country, because in the political realm
and in the parenting realm, we are now in full mode
of demonizing technology. If you go read the headlines
that the masses are reading, we are demonizing technology. Facebook and Twitter are
jeopardizing our democracy. Kids are spending too
much time on these iPads, blah blah blah blah blah blah blah. This is an incredible opportunity. This is making me very happy. I am hoping that the mainstream
media and social media continues to shit on technology. Because what that’s gonna mean is people are gonna back off of it, they’re gonna get confused about that and it’s gonna leave me more time to grab the land supply
that I’m looking for. I prefer when people are going down paths that are the conventional
wisdom that I don’t agree with. I love when all of you
hit me up on Twitter when somebody says something
like Facebook sucks and you guys retweet me
and you’re like, Gary V., what do you think, ’cause you want me to come and punch him in the fucking face. (audience laughter) And when I see that tweet
in my stream, I smile. ‘Cause I’m like yes, Facebook sucks. And so I think there’s a
really incredible theme that I’m trying to create
in these first 10 minutes, which is the following. The fact that I’ve been ranting about this stuff for a decade. And this is, by the way,
why I wrote Crushing It. I never ever ever thought
I would write a follow up to that book, because I thought, in 2008, and then it came out in
09, that in a decade, it would be conventional wisdom that people could make
money on YouTube and it’s, how many people read Crush It
around the time it came out? Raise your hands. Awesome. For a lot of you, you remember. It was a little bit out there. It was like, if you go read
the first 300-400 reviews of Crush It on Amazon, a lot of it’s like, this is straight bullshit. Nobody’s ever gonna make
$100,000 on YouTube. Like, it was like completely crazy talk. And literally like, and just
for the youngsters in here or people that kinda came
along the way, you know, later on and now this is all accepted, it would be like me
standing here right now and saying things like, you’re
gonna sell virtual homes on VR and you’re gonna
make $14 million a year selling virtual homes
that don’t exist, right. And most people just won’t believe that. Like, you could guess and
you’d be like cool, maybe and this and that, but don’t forget, we also didn’t have the last decade of technology advances
when I talked about that. People haven’t accepted the Internet, there were still people not
really into the Internet in 2008 and 9. And so what strikes me this
morning is a very simple fact. For everything that has happened, for all the obviousness,
for the, you know, I know 20 year olds that are making 40 to $70 million a year on the back of their Instagram and YouTube
and selling merchandise. These numbers have become staggering. Like, just so you guys
know, in the next 36 months, next four years, it will
become obvious to America and the world that
celebrities on social media are making dramatically more money than celebrities in real life. When you guys read the
headline that two kids that do soccer tricks are making, on YouTube and Facebook and
Instagram in five years, are making more money than Ronaldo, shit’s gonna get confusing. And this is what’s happening. And so I guess the energy
that I really wanna bring this morning very simply
in this calm demeanor is it hasn’t even started. And I think a lot of us think it’s in it, that we’re in it, that it’s
been happening, that a lot of good stuff has happened
for others, for ourselves. Literally, if you’re in this audience and have done nothing, you
have 401 followers on Twitter, your Facebook page is
still your personal page and you don’t have a fan
page, you’ve done nothing on Instagram, literally if
you’re at nothing, which is, by the way, extremely
rare for this audience, but common for most of mine. I actually think that the
audience I spoke to yesterday in New Orleans who were construction and general contractors
who were not in this at all have a weird slight advantage
over a lot of people in here, which is why I’m
using this as my opening rant. They have heard about all this
stuff, but haven’t started. And so for them, it’s a clean slate and they’re just going in. You’ve already been affected,
positively or negatively. You’ve already had successes and failures, you’ve already quantified
this, yet I don’t believe that we’ve quantified
how big it actually is. So this whole little rant is very simple. Here’s what I’m at with
all of you, number one, you need to realize
how fucking great it is to be alive and a professional
during this time right now, because it was worse for your grandparents and it’s gonna be worse for
your grandkids, here’s why. This moment, right now, this
is how it’s going to play out. And I’m putting it on film
and I’ll look back at it. This is the land grab of the Internet. Virtual reality will come and
maybe you’ll learn from this, and so many of you are
young, and in 20 years, everybody in this audience will be able to land grab their virtual
reality space, but right now, this is the land grab
to establish yourself as the personality, the
authority, the organization, the service in your industry still. You could have four competitors who’ve got more followers than you. You could have people you look up to that have crushed it and
things of that nature that will speak today, but still, we haven’t even come close. The analogy I would use is
if I am part of the crew that bought beachfront property in Malibu for the attention of the end
consumer on the Internet, we’re still selling the
second row of homes. And a lot of people
here think we’re already not even selling that neighborhood ’cause it’s sold out, do you understand? What I really really really
wanna get across this morning is that the opportunity
hasn’t even fully begun, the penetration of attention hasn’t begun. The biggest companies in the world have still not been spending on Facebook. Guys, you have to understand
that over the next three to five years, and I don’t know when, but somewhere in that window, eventually, Coca-Cola and BMW and
Budweiser are gonna wake up and they’re not gonna spend
70 and 80% of their money on television commercials and banner ads. And that’s what’s
happening, just so you know. When they do, and they are on the cusp, because when things like
Toys R Us go out of business, people get scared. And I don’t know if you
guys saw the Netflix numbers that came out yesterday. Like, Netflix is about
to pass cable television before you know it, it’s not
gonna take them very long. Like, shit’s happened. And so, in the next 36
months, when you’re trying to put your content or your open house or where I should travel
to on a Facebook feed, and today it costs four
to six to seven dollars to get in front of 1,000 people’s feed, of only which 25 will
look at it ’cause you know how you go through the
feed, which is fine. If that costs six to seven dollars today, when the biggest companies in the world get serious about this in
the next three to four years, it’s gonna cost you 40. And that’s gonna fuck up your business. That’s gonna make the ROI not as good. Simple supply and demand,
I play no other game. Supply and demand of your
attention, period, end of story. So what does this all mean? Here’s how I think this plays out. I genuinely believe that
80%, and that includes people that are more shy and
scared to be on camera and are introverted, I believe
that 80% of this audience, over the next half decade,
is gonna start debating having a DRock and an Iris and a Babin. I think all of you, over the next decade, will realize that you are
in the media business. That before that you
are any kind of agent, you are actually a show. That the shit that you
watch on Bravo and HGTV and all the other fucking channels, you could do the same thing. Outside of the guy we
have here and his show and about three other
shows, nobody really watches any of these cable shows. Like, an average social
media YouTube executor is getting a bigger audience
than a lot of these shows on the 15th channel you never heard of, show version of you, and
yet you’re in the industry and you look at them and be
like oh, they’re so lucky. They’re not lucky. They have no control of the post edit. They have no control of the marketing. And nobody knows they’re on channel 447 on fucking Direct TV. (audience laughter) You’re lucky that you
haven’t signed a deal with any of those kind of things, and then fact that you can take your phone and put on Facebook and YouTube, literally the biggest
thing that’s holding back the far majority of this room from going to a completely different level
financially and happy wise is the fact that, every year,
they’re just taking home too much of the money they made and they’re buying cars
and vacations and homes and fucking bullshit jewelry. If you actually took half
the money that you took home last year, whatever you did,
think about your business, think about what you took, right. Which for a lot of people
here is what you made. If you took half of that and you put that into Facebook and Instagram
ads and two people helping you make content
full time, you would make three times the money
you’re gonna make this year, and in one year, you would’ve
returned back the investment. We have to, thanks. We have to– (audience laughter) We have to… And you guys can tell, I’m not coming with the normal like yeah, blah blah, I’m coming with a very like,
listen to me, fuckface. (audience laughter) I’m putting a flag in the
ground here today this morning to make it very clear,
which is I didn’t write this new book, this is not
what I’m gonna speak about for the next year for kicks and giggles, I’m selfish to be historically correct. The reason you guys like me is I only put out content in one filter. Will I be right when somebody watches this video in four years? Period. That’s it. No other ROI. No top of the funnel to
the course, no, one thing, will I be right, so I’m
always making content that’s selfish for the audience, which is why it’s good for you. Listen to me and listen to me good. If you are not fully committed
to spending as much money and time on building your personal brand, which means upping your content on these five to seven channels by a magnitude of 50 to
5,000 times more content, you are making a huge mistake. You are making a fundamental miss that you will regret tremendously when you look back at
this day in four years. And what’s interesting
is normally, and you guys watch my stuff, this is
where I say I’m only hoping for two or three of you
to actually do this. What’s emotional for me and probably why we decided to do this
conference is I think fucking 20% of you are gonna do this. Because a lot of you have
already flirted, you know, it’s a lot easier to kind
of jump off, you know, a building on a parachute
when you’ve done it off a 20 foot cliff, you
guys are already on your way. I just think that in that, the fact that you’re on your way,
that you’ve started, that you give a shit
is actually potentially the reason you can’t
get to the next place. It’s good enough. You’re checking the box. You are doing it. So many of you are like,
I am doing social media but nothing good has come of it. And to me, this is the
moment, and especially look, I like taking advantage
of when times are good. How many people here have
been in their industry for over 20 years, raise your hand? Raise it high. I just wanna get a sense. Okay, so here’s what you guys know that people, how many people have been in their industry for less than
nine years, raise your hand? Perfect. So this is even better than I thought. There’s a small percentage
here who are over 20, the far majority is under nine. What the under nines don’t know is a bad economy during this. Maybe they’re doing something new, and so I saw the hands and some of them were doing other things, and
I asked in this profession. So maybe they do know. How many people have
only been a professional for less than 10 years, raise your hand? So this is what I’m scared of. You’re soft. You’re not soft because you’re soft, you’re soft because the
market has been soft since you’ve been a professional. You didn’t get punched in
the fucking mouth in 2008. You didn’t fucking melt in 2000 and 2001. You didn’t get completely
annihilated in the mid-90s. You think you’re special
and you don’t just realize that it’s a simple game right now. There’s so much fucking
money in the system that there’s a ton of fucking
C and D players in here who think they’re As
’cause it’s fucking easy. That’s the truth. And so– (applause, cheering) And I think most of you know me, I’m not sitting up here on
my high horse saying I’m good and you suck, I’m saying
please, for the love of god, understand why people
get fucking flamed out during crashes and other people don’t and they hang on and then
make a ton more money on the backend because 80%
of people get flamed out and things are a quarter on the dollar. The reason they do is
they do two core things at all times, the reason
I leave tens of millions of dollars on the table every year is ’cause I don’t do the
behaviors to put myself vulnerable into the world melting tomorrow because I know that college
debt is gonna tear down the American economy the way
that all the bullshit ratings of lending did in the housing crisis. I know that there’s an
obnoxious amount of 26 to 35 year olds, and Ryan,
who I’m gonna fireside chat, told me this over breakfast, I did a bunch of homework yesterday,
it’s 100% gonna happen. Literally, college debt is
gonna tear down our economy, ’cause all these kids are getting money still lent to them and they have no prayer of ever paying back their college debt, let alone the money that they’re borrowing to buy a fucking house, and you guys in real estate all know it’s true. Just happening all over again. And so shit’s pretty basic, my friends. You can trick shit in the short term. Negativity wins the short game. Reality and merit and
positivity win the long game. Shit’s gonna hit the fan
and too many people here are taking their riches in this
easy time and they’re buying dumb shit instead of saving and investing. If you go from making
a million to making 13 during this era, going
from 13 to 4 is different than going from a million
to working at Chase Bank. And so I heed this morning
and this beautiful town on this awesome day, I’m
not rolling with negativity and be careful, I’m rolling
with let’s be fucking practical, let’s be practical not on defense, this isn’t hoard your money
and wait for the world and go into the bunk, this
is if you’re making money right now, please reinvest
it, and the one thing that doesn’t get shattered
during a bad economy, which is your reputation. I love when people get mad
about the word personal brand ’cause they think it’s douchy. It’s just the semantic of the word. Your personal brand is your
reputation, it always mattered. It’s how we always made
money, it’s how so many of you that have been successful for 20 years have been able to be successful except you didn’t have
technology to put it on steroids, it was just word of mouth,
now, one shared tweet, do you know how many of you
were taking photos of this, putting it on your social,
and then your friends at home see this, and that’s why there’s gonna be 3,000
people here next year. Word of mouth on steroids, the Internet and social media specifically is just one thing, it’s plumbing. It’s plumbing to make your
words and thoughts go further than they did in 1974 when a
couple of yentas did it for us. Word of mouth on steroids,
and so what I want you to do is I want you to create content that can be accelerated
through word of mouth, and I am fascinated by how many of you aren’t even remotely close to producing the max amount of content, I know this because I only give
advice that I took myself. You guys, how many people
who have been following me for over five years, raise your hand? Then you guys know, I have accelerated my content dramatically
over the last 18 months. I, historically, only sit
here and talk about things that I’ve already done,
because I don’t like standing up here and
guessing and giving advice and hoping it works out,
because that’s how people lose. I only talk about what I’ve already lived. My book right now, which
comes out in six days, pre-order it right now or I’ll cry. (audience laughter) – [Male Speaker] Already did. – Is, thank you. Is selling, literally last
night, I called Colin, or I was on a livestream, he hit me up. I, as a lot of you know,
usually around this time have buy 25 books and come
over and take a selfie, buy 100 books and I’ll
buy you a milkshake, buy 1,000 books and I’ll sleep
over at your fucking house. Like, I– (audience laughter) I normally am in ridiculous
sales mode, right now, for any of you that have been along for this ride over the last five years, the whole jab jab jab right hook, this is normally my right hook time. Yes, I’m talking about it,
but there is nothing close to what jab jab jab
right hook and AskGaryVee looks like right now because my branding, because of my content
for the last 18 months, is doing all the selling for me. I don’t know, how many people saw my Instagram live last night when I was, raise your hands, I’m just trying to see. So you guys saw, yesterday,
a good friend of mine, Daymond John from Shark Tank,
had his book come out, right. He fucking was on Wendy Williams, Dr. Oz, Harry fucking Connick Jr.,
Yahoo fucking Finance, Facebook, Fat Jewish did something
with him, he went bonkers. I looked at his Amazon rank, he was 17, my book was 19, I’m a week
away doing nothing for it. And it just hit me so hard. I’m like, this is just so black and white. This is so black and white. I know that, if I can
suffocate all of you today to take 25% of your take
home income this year and pour it back into
two people who do video and written word and put it
into Facebook and Instagram ads, literally all of you
will email me 24 months, actually, fuck it, if
you can start right away, literally 25% of you
are going to come to me this time next year right
here and be like holy shit, I’ve been listening to
your stuff for seven years, your keynote was different
in Miami last year this time. I listened, I said fuck it,
I don’t need to go to Ibiza three times this year, fuck it. I don’t need to buy a better BMW this year to make me feel good with
the neighbors, fuck it. I don’t need another fucking pair of Supremes or Yeezys, I took the money and I put it into Karen the film woman and Rick the ad guy, and
now my business is 2x, this will 100% work. Even if you suck shit on camera, have zero charisma, are only
eight days in the industry, this will work because it is
such underpriced attention that the ROI will work, that
if you’re a two in skill, the ads are a 20 in the 10 point scale and it closes the delta
of you being average. If you literally, literally,
and I’ve said this for seven years. If you literally, literally
go interview the guy who owns the gym in town, the
guy who owns the pizza shop, the woman who owns the
insurance brokerage, if you literally, literally, literally just interview your local community, that you become the local newspaper in three minute video form on your phone, you don’t even need to fucking
hire DRock or Babin or Iris, your fucking phone. If you literally take it,
selfie it and interview the principal of the school
in your neighborhood, you will become the local
celebrity who can then transact on whatever you’re trying
to sell that group. If you bring value to
people, if you interview the best high school basketball player, literally just that, your
business will change. Or if you literally just give the advice of how you got here, what you learned, if you shared your thoughts. If you do not understand that
you were a media company, then you will not be as successful as you are today in a decade. And that’s not interesting
when the alternative is you’re four to seven times bigger. Just think, guys, you have to understand, what happened to Blockbuster and Netflix, what happened with Uber
and taxi companies, what happened with shitty
hotels versus Airbnb is happening with you as
a human in your business. And so when you have the
best hand and you know it because you’ve been paying attention and you know how to play
poker, you go all in. Everybody here is playing Facebook, Instagram, social media,
YouTube, podcasting like they have the best
hand and they’re calling. And you’re not goading them into getting all the money, you’re
just fucking folding. And that’s this audience,
so can you imagine what I feel is going on
outside this stadium? So this is a call to action for everybody to do me one favor, and I do think I can get a lot of you to do it, which excited the shit out of me. Please, right now, listen,
maybe you’ve laid out money, maybe you’re in the
middle of a renovation, maybe you’re paying
for your kid’s college, mazel tov, I know there’s
nuances on everybody’s life. But if you are in a
position where literally your take home income
this year is literally the stuff you’re gonna go
and do things with, please, from 25% to 90% if you can go humble, please take that money and hire two people to make a lot more content for you about you and your
business, and please give the rest of the money to Facebook
and YouTube and Instagram, and I fundamentally promise you, you will walk here to
this conference next year and personally thank me emotionally ’cause your business will change, and I know not one of you has gone all in. For all the Carlos and
Sebastian and a bunch of personalities here, for Mitch, like I’m watching what you guys are doing, I’m consuming the shit out of you. By the way, the reason I
don’t watch anything or, I love when I, you’re
welcome, you’re welcome. You know how people get, this is the time on social media when people get mad at me and say shit like oh, this fucking guy, he doesn’t read any books, but
he wants you to buy his book. I want you to do whatever
the fuck you want to do. I don’t need you to come to this, I don’t need you to give
me one second of your time, I want you to do what you wanna do. I don’t read books because I spend my life watching what you do so
that I can get smarter, because that’s how it
gets me to the front line. Understanding what humans are doing and about to do is how I make my living, it’s what makes me talented,
I’m able to synthesize your behaviors, I have told
you, over the last decade, things that you were
gonna do that you told me, in your head, that you
wouldn’t do that you now do. So this is what I do. And what I’m telling you right now is very very very serious. I believe that every single
person at this conference, even though they’re 201,
301 or 401 in advancements, are not going anywhere close to enough, because I think on the best of the bunch, and I just told you I’m
spending 1/10th of the amount of ad money that I should
be spending on Instagram. I will. I’m standing up here being selfish, I’m just trying to convince myself to drop a fucking 100
racks on fucking Instagram. You’re just sort of listening
to me convincing myself to fucking do the right thing. (audience laughter) My friends, this is the greatest era to be an entrepreneur in the
history of the human race. The infrastructure costs are zero. Listening to people complain about Facebook algorithm
changes when Facebook is free, if you decide, in an algorithm, if you run ads, you don’t give a fuck about the algorithm
change, I don’t give a fuck about the algorithm change. I think the ads are worth $60, and I pay four, that’s a good deal. Could you imagine paying
15x less for something than you feel it’s worth? So I mean, I don’t care
about the algorithm change. But if you do ’cause you got a nice little organic thing going, I just
wanna remind you something. It’s free. You’re complaining about
something that is free that has helped you sell shit. Let’s just quietly, one more time, ’cause I need everybody to
actually fucking understand what I’m saying. It’s free. I literally have emails,
this is like real life, guys. I get emails saying fucking
Gary Vee, I knew it, you told me to go all in on Facebook, did you see the headline? Zuck’s, like fucking
Zuck’s, Zuck’s changed. The algorithm, I’m fucked. My first reply, if I even
have the patience to reply to something like that, is what else are you spending advertising on? Well, I’m running some Google AdWords, I’m doing some print, I’m doing some. I’m like, how’s that
working, not that great. I’m like, you’re mad at
something that’s free that’s changing, but
you’re not mad at something you’re spending money for that’s
giving you dick in return? (audience laughter) My friends, there is massive
confusion in the system. I literally had a meeting
with a top executive in corporate world who
spent the first 30 minutes of our meeting yelling at me that Facebook and social media was
destroying our democracy, that it was that powerful, right. And then the 30 minutes
after was him fighting me from moving some money
from television to Facebook because he thought it didn’t work. So I said to him, after
the hour, I said cool. ‘Cause I try not, I don’t
sell people who aren’t buying. I’m just leaving my two
cents on the record. I think one of the great
things that a lot of you, ’cause there’s a lot of
sales people in here, you have to understand, you
can’t sell the unsellable. The amount of time you waste
trying to convince somebody to buy versus finding the next person to buy is extraordinary waste. But after I spoke to him, I said you spent the first 30 minutes telling me that these were such
powerful communication tools that it was literally
shaking the foundation of our 300 year democracy,
and then you spent the second half of the
30 minutes telling me that that same machine was
not capable of selling makeup. There is ridiculous
confusion in the system. I am winning and will
win at all time levels, get ready, you will tell your grandkids that you once saw me live. Like, I mean that. And by the way, it’s not
because, by the way, I don’t, by the way, real quick ’cause
I don’t want claps for that. I need you to understand
how I think about that. It’s not because I think
I’m fancy or great. I think it’s because
I’m very common simple about one simple tiny thing,
underpriced attention. It’s so grossly
underpriced, I’m asking you, let me tell you the story about MTV. When MTV came out in the early to mid-80s, how many people remember
when MTV was launched? When MTV was launched, the
biggest bands in the world, the biggest bands in the world
got together for a dinner that one of their managers told me about, and decided that they would
not make music videos for MTV because that was giving
away music for free. That why would we spend money
to make a video, put it on MTV when that’s giving
people the music for free and they will not go
out and buy the record? At the same token, up and
coming artists, Madonna, Duran Duran and on and
on, understood that it was where all the attention of the youth was, and it was a gateway drug to the sale. They understood that MTV was
a jab, not the right hook. Facebook and Instagram at this second is the most underpriced
scaled jab in the history of marketing, except for one other moment. From 2001 to 2005, Google AdWords was a ridiculously underpriced jab. How many people here took advantage of Google 2001 to 2005, raise your hands? So for you, you really know. That’s how I did it. Wine Library had no money,
but when you’re buying people who wanna buy wine for
5 and 10 cents a click, it works out real fast
when it’s that underpriced. One company, one company during that time acted the way I’m
aspiring to act right now as Gary Vaynerchuk on social media. One company from 2001 to 2005 spent enough to justify how underpriced it was. That company was a small
book company called Amazon. Amazon, as you all know now,
is the company of our world. It will win everything,
it hasn’t even begun, literally the only thing
that will stop Amazon is anti-trust government involvement, otherwise it will fucking
destroy everything. It got its fuel from Google 2001 to 2005. That occurrence is happening right now on Facebook and Instagram,
and we’re not squeezing the juice out of that
fruit anywhere close. At least we have picked up the fruit. Some of you are kind
of squeezing the fruit. I’m kind of squeezing the
fruit harder, this group, going forward, needs to– (loud noise) I’m so glad, that’s exactly,
did I blow out the speakers? That’d be amazing, no, damn it. (audience laughter) I was really hoping I
blew out the speakers, to be very honest with you. (audience laughter) I think it would’ve went
super fucking viral. (audience laughter) I went for that for impact,
because I really need to penetrate this morning’s
talk with the demeanor and lack of normal over the top energy. I’m trying to go in a very
one on one thing here. My friends, a lot of you
I’ve known for a long time. A lot of you I’ve paid attention
to subtly for a long time. If I’m not at 100% and I’m at 50, you’re at fucking two, four and seven. There’s so much for
you to grab, please let this little slider of an energy talk that I gave this morning
be the off speed pitch to get you really thinking
about how ridiculous this is. Please let the energy of this talk set up the rest of the day so that
you pay even closer attention, so that you, even though
you’re doing well, have the humility today to raise your hand or to ask somebody a
question because you want a front that you know,
but what you don’t know is where all the fucking magic is. Please understand that,
when you video tape your day or meetings, that that
content works three ways if you understand it’s
your YouTube and Facebook, but also the audio can be stripped. How many of you listen to
my podcast, raise your hand? I have a top 50 podcast in the world, and I never sit down and do a podcast. I strip audio from the
video of my day to days. Do you understand how efficient this is, my LinkedIn is one of the top
read LinkedIns in the world, and it’s just the transcribed words of the audio from my day
to day, the efficiency of recording your day and it transcribing into the three pillars of
how people consume content, the written word audio and video. You cover all the ways
that people consume, from just video taping
day, please get over the audacity or the narcissistic
nature of having somebody film you or you filming
yourself, I understand. I am very comfortable in my own skin, it was hard for me two years ago to say I’m gonna have a man follow
me around with a camera. It felt like literally the douchiest thing that I’d ever come up with. (audience laughter) But it has been the biggest impact of my career, and it hasn’t even started and I know that it can change yours. And some of you are a
little bit more talented and creative and you’re a little bit more of a Casey Neistat and
you can do it yourself, even better, keeps your costs
down, you’re in full control. Most of you are busy,
I’m busy, I’m running a 200 fucking million dollar company. I can’t be vlogging, I just
need somebody recording. And as you guys know, 80% of the stuff I’m doing day to day,
even though it seems like I’m filming everything,
is not being shown. You’re in control. I’m not showing you me firing somebody or negotiating their salary. As you guys know, I’m the extreme of not showing my family at all. Like, we are in unprecedented times. We are in unprecedented
times, and this group is smart enough to be here,
at this stadium, on this day, you are different, you need to understand how different you are in your strategies, in your mindset and how you see it. I just need to get you from the connection of how you see it to getting
you to commit financially and mentally and work
ethic wise to get you to get the value, the part that’s hardest is sitting here today. You do understand strategy
is the hardest part. The hardest part is being
smart enough to be here today. The easier part is to make
the financial and work ethic execution part against the strategies, but that’s where it’s
breaking for most people, and so I implore you to take
this day very seriously, I implore you to do the
most ROI positive thing, which is, the biggest ROI of this event is not to take a selfie
with me, though I’m ready to take one, so don’t be scared. It is to fundamentally meet as many of the 800 other people here as possible, because in those relationships
will come the magic. So the most introverted of you which, this doesn’t index massively introverted, but for the most shy or what have you, please challenge yourself to say hello. For the most extroverted, don’t be a dick and give everybody 800 business cards, tone it down a hair. But. But understand what these
next 12 hours or so are. This is how do you make
the connection point from the strategy that you see to getting into the actual
execution starting tonight, starting tomorrow and
two, how do you understand that people are the real ROI
in this, in technology world, and how do you make 3 to 7 to
14 meaningful relationships in the next 12 hours. I can’t thank you enough for being here, I am so excited about Agent 2021, I am so humbled that you guys are here. I adore you and I’m really looking forward to seeing you guys throughout
the rest of the day. Thank you. (applause, cheering) Thank you. I’m excited. (calm music)


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