Will You Find The One This Year?💗💌Collab Tarot Pick A Card Reading💗💌

Will You Find The One This Year?💗💌Collab Tarot Pick A Card Reading💗💌

hey and welcome to my channel my name is
Heather and this is the fluffy Oracle this is going to be my first collab of
the year with the wonderful and absolutely beautiful wild child readings
her name is Chenoa by the way also remember to go and check out her Channel
and her video which the link will be down below in the description box for
you guys because her video will also be an expansion of my reading and if you’re
coming from her channel these one these would be an expansion from her reading
now regardless of the yes or no answers that we give you guys in this we are
also telling you what’s coming up in love for you this year and the yes or no
answers are to be taken with a grain of salt because you have freewill to change
those answers regardless but we also did some expansion guidance on these for you
regardless just to get you the reasons why those answers came up and also some
extra guidance anyways for love for you for the rest of this year that we’ve
just started in this awesome amazing 2020 which Happy New Year guys this is
my very first video for the year I am so excited to be back and much feeling much
much better than before and nasally clear as you guys can hear my voice so
this topic is going to be will you meet the one this year so if you’re
interested stay tuned and we will get into that in just a second timestamps as
usual will be down below in the description box as well as any way to
book with me for my website if you would like to book a personal private reading
to get your own reading just for you as these are just a general reading for
tons and tons of people also there will be time stamps and the verse first
comment for my mumbles mobile users as usual so without further ado we will go
ahead and we will jump in in just a sec and I will see you at your pile I love
you guys and I am so happy to be back and feeling so much better see is in
just a sec alrighty so for my love’s I chose pile number one let’s get into
your reading so I’m gonna start off with a yes
cirno for this reading and then depending on the answer either way I’m
gonna have some expanded guidance on it and hopefully some um answers as to why
we got that in response between yes I know if it happens to be a no we will
expand upon the why not and what will be to come for you for this year in love if
it’s a yes then we’ll see what else we can go get from there for details as to
kind of like when it may happen who they are kind of hourly kind of like what
they look like and whatnot um so let’s see so I’m using my mermaid playing
cards for the yes or no answers so the pink cards are going to be yes and the
blue cards are going to symbolize the no aspect and I’m gonna draw three for the
yes or no oh way you meet your so you’re the one this year your life partner we
all have lots of soulmate stars regardless but we are always looking for
that one life partner and wondering when we’re gonna meet that one person who
we’re going to spend the rest of our lives with and I can completely
understand so will they meet their life partner this year in 2020 so four pile one the answer
unfortunately is a no but let’s see what will come up in the guidance and what is
going to come up this year and love for you so what is going to come in love for
them this year I hear at least two soul mates or soulmate relationships this
year in romance which there is a very good outcome for that for the sun card so lots and lots of good times and romance ahead with that is what I feel
with the Sun covered and I hear lots of bright shiny days whoever that makes
sense with so we also have the nine of Wands and the four of cups so with the
four of cups I feel like the reason why you’re not meeting your life partner
this year or why the answer came up as no is because you’re still learning some
lessons and love this year you will have some soulmate relationships but you’re
going to end up passing on some opportunities because you’ve got your
guard up from the past from last year still which is kind of keeping you from
this happy ending type of energy with the Sun card and kind of seeing the
brighter side of life so what they’re kind of asking you to do is open your
eyes and to see kind of what’s right in front of you and what’s being handed to
you for an opportunity in love so there are definitely some
opportunities it’s just you have to be open to the ideas of them so we have
temperance and we have the six of coins so with temperance there still has to be
an equal give-and-take and an equal balance and they’re kind of like really
hammering it down with the fact that you have to balance cards because the six of
coins is about giving and receiving and temperance is about having an equal give
and taken an equal balance of both areas of life so you have to be kind of open
to both giving and receiving love this year otherwise you’re going to end up
passing up an opportunity and love and it and I hear it could be a very good
opportunity for you that you would be passing on because you’re worried about
the past and you’re still kind of on guard which is understandable and we
have the higher fall because it’s kind of like a very traditional way to look
at things and you follow your own set of rules and you’re really not in to kind
of bending or breaking those rules which is kind of what gives you that four of
cups energy with passing on opportunities because you are very set
in your ways and not very open to things which we have the two of swords and the
aid of ones so there has to be a choice in order to open up and to allow also
communication for what you really want in a relationship and how you want would
like things to go and how you like to see things go but it’s up to you to make
that decision to kind of open your eyes to seeing what’s right in front of you
with an opportunity and kind of breaking your own rules or at least bending them
a little bit in order to achieve this sun card outcome so let’s see what we
have for guidance with the oracle cards with the messages from your guides so what kind of guidance can we give
them to help them with this this year we have journey within so really take a
look at what’s within your heart and what it is you truly want in love in
order for it to kind of manifest and we have like attracts like
so that makes perfect sense with kind of opening up basically what ever energy
you’re putting out into the universities exactly what’s going to be mirrored back
to you and what’s going to come towards you with the like attracts like card so
you have to kind of change within yourself and make a decision to have
that change in order to attract exactly what it is you want with into your life
and you have to kind of you know take the lead in your life you have to make
that decision to take charge and change the way you feel because it’s the only
way that you’re going to get exactly what it is that you want within your
heart and within your love life when it says lead by example so are there any
other extra guidance ask for guidance so you can ask your angels to kind of give
you a sign and any kind of like messages to kind of help point you in the right
direction with helping you to change your vibrational thoughts and your
feelings about love so I want to see what kind of guidance we can give you
with that ask for guidance in opening your heart to love and kind of being
able to help you let down your guard a little bit with that nine of Wands so what can we do to help them open
their hearts in order to bring in this soulmate for their first relationship
this year for those who are not currently in a relationships already we
have the goddess so with the goddess card I feel like it’s more about kind of
really knowing yourself and being comfortable with yourself and kind of
treating yourself the way you would treat others
we have moon tree take the top one anyways and we have messages from a
message from the far so I feel like if you were to communicate with someone
from your past this year there’s still still some things that are up in the air
that you really didn’t know from before with this moon tree is the message that
I’m getting that’s coming through with this it decided it wanted to fly out
because my cards tend to want to do their own thing sometimes but they give
you exactly what you need to hear when you need to hear it and whenever you’re
listening to this message that is exactly the right time when you’re meant
to hear these things and to help you so with the message from afar I feel like
there’s somebody from the past it’s gonna be trying to communicate with you
this year and I hear it’s going to be middle to late end of the year with this
and it’s going to be a soulmate from the past and you’re going to find out some
things that you didn’t quite know before and it’s going to put things into a
clearer perspective for you we have trilogy of light so with the
trilogy of light please be aware of third party situations this is kind of
like another heads up type of deal listen to your intuition and kind of see
things from a higher perspective as well because you don’t want to find yourself
in a third party type of situation is what I’m getting with that so I want to
see for the last act what messages we can give you for some extra guidance so we have ancient knowledge and we have
holiday so with the ancient knowledge card it reads there is a flame inside
your heart a light that stems from the dawn of time ancient love and ancient
knowledge are being rekindled close your eyes weaken earth well you can reconnect
with yourself because I wanted to say reconnect but it says connected with and
feel the loving wisdom you hold so reconnect with yourself reconnect with
the love inside of you and it will kind of point you in well it will point you
in the right direction as to what it is that you truly desire and want within
your heart for relationships and love this year so let it flow out from your
heart and transform your life so when you’re able to kind of go within and
really truly figure out what it is you really want for yourself put that plan
into action and kind of live that kind of outward instead of kind of holding
with inward because the like a truck like Carta is there to kind of help you
bring that in once you’re able to kind of bring that out of you and kind of put
that vibration out into the world to kind of pull that soulmate towards you
that you truly want and then we have holiday the spirit of the ocean calls
you offering healing and much-needed peace come to the water and connect with
it’s endless flow of magic you need a change of scenery take a holiday and all
will fall into place so take some time to yourself it’s a really kind of soul
search is what I’m getting from this and relax even if you can’t get to the ocean
or like a beach or whatever it doesn’t matter take a nice long luxurious bath
with some awesome bath bombs or whatever it is that you choose to do or a nice
relaxing shower and just kind of sit there and reconnect with your inner
emotions and kind of with your thoughts and collect yourself it the water will
help cleanse you and to get rid of any old negative feelings it’s
an intention is exactly what I’m getting with this and I want to pull one more
card up Gardens for you guys before I end this so this year it’s all about
kind of focusing on yourself and what it is that you truly want to get you
prepared for that love of your life to come in even if you don’t meet them this
year it doesn’t matter it’s still a year of collecting yourself and getting
yourself prepared and in that state of readiness for that person to come in
even that much faster for you so we have speak your truth stand up for what you
believe in regardless of the consequences speak your truth no matter
what others may think it’s time to stand in your own power for all the world to
see so be honest with yourself and be honest with those around you and speak
up for exactly what it is that you want from deep within and follow your heart’s
passion is the guidance from this and definitely kind of take that take the
time to focus on yourself and before you’ll know it you’ll have your life
partner within your life because you’ll have attracted them in from working on
yourself alrighty so these are messages I do hope that you enjoyed please
remember to go out over to Genoa from Waldo child readings and check out her
reading on this as this was a collaborating that was really awesome
and these would be an expansion of each other mine and hers together for you it
doesn’t matter how many piles you pick even if you picked more than one it will
always be an expansion because there’s always extra messages throughout both
the readings mine and hers and she’s in a really amazing reader already guys
know that I love you happy new year and it’s cool it’s so wonderful to be back
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all righty so for my left to chose pound number two let’s get an ear reading so
what I’m gonna do is I’m going to start off with a yes-or-no answer for this
question if you will meet your soulmate or not this year
or well not your soulmate but your life partner we are all usually looking for
that one that life partner even though we have many soul mates that we come
into contact with romantic relationships throughout our lives or lessons that we
need to learn so regardless of the answer I’m going to do some expansion
guidance with this to kind of get some in-depth anthers anthers answers for you
guys if the answer turns out to be a know that you will not meet your life
partner this year know that all is not lost you will definitely have some soul
mate relationship this year at least one or two for you guys for those who chose
in this pile it’s all up to you because you have free will and control of your
own lives if the answer is yes we will see if we can get some extra detail
about how your life partner might be and when you might meet so I’m going to use
these mermaid cards for the yes-or-no answer our blue is going to be no and
the pink cards are going to be the yes so I’m going to pull three and depending
on how many cards of each will determine that answer so will they meet their life
partner this year No and then we have if you’re really
drawn to reading this message says mermaids don’t lose sleep over the
opinions of shrimp so regardless of anyone’s negative
opinions of you whether they are past romance romantic relationships that kind
of end up with a sour ending or a sour taste after know that their opinions
really don’t matter and whoever that message is specifically for I do hope
that that helps comfort you with knowing that their opinions of what they think
really doesn’t matter because you are still a really awesome and amazing and
beautiful person both inside and out so let’s see what’s going to come in for
love for you this year with the so many relationships that are still yet to come
this year or whether it may be a year of self-reflection and working on yourself
in order to get yourself ready for your life partner and kind of an expansion of
why the answer was a no so what is coming in for them in love this year justice and then I want to pull some
more cards with that with this I hear fair treatment and I feel like you will
have some justice come in for you for something that may have wronged you in
the past last year and we have the chariot and we have the six of swords
which are two cards of moving forward and moving on and I feel like this just
rewards is what I just heard will help kind of propel you forward and kind of
give you a new outlook on life and love and that kind of helped give you that
closure and forward movement that you most need right now to continue on and
have a better outlook on love and I feel like it will be an
answer that was well worth the wait we have the six of Pentacles with giving a
receiving I feel like you will finally be on the receiving end of love this
year and that your cup will be overflowing because I’m really attracted
to the cup and how the coins are flowing into the cup and I feel like there will
be definitely an abundance of love coming in for you this year we have an
emperor because this justice card coming in for you I feel is going to give you
the strength and the knowledge to kind of help you take back control of your
life and to kind of step into the emperor energy once and for all because
you’re gonna know exactly what it is you want where you want to go with your life
and with your love life as well because I’m really attracted to the crystal ball
in this card we have the king of Pentacles so I feel like this is also
going to be a very good financial year as well like you’re going to end up
getting your finances in order and kind of focusing a lot on work as well and
being financially stable which is kind of a plus but also not what I was
expecting either and so what else can they expect and love this year and then
we’ll get into the oracle cards for some extra guidance we have the higher font
so with the higher font I hear traditional relationships there
will be one in late May for some of you that’s coming up so if that happens
please let me know down in the comments below or if that kind of resonates with
you as well and then we have the eight of Wands and the king of swords so with
the eight of Wands it’s going to be straightforward communication somebody’s
going to be coming into your life and kind of telling you exactly how they
feel and that they would like to have a shot with you
and this person though with the kingdom source energy he can be quite
straightforward and always to the point in his communication and sometimes a
little bit quick-witted in sharp-tongued and it could also be you as well by
Sforza for some of you out there so please be mindful of how you speak and
be very tactful is what I hear and we have the queen of Pentacles you will get
all that you desire this year and it will definitely be a very fruitful year
of abundance for you guys especially with in love you hold the world in your
hands is what I get with this because I’m really attracted to the pinnacle so
let’s see what kind of guidance we can get so what is the best guidance of
messages that we can get this year to help them bring in these in their
soulmates and I’ll point them in the right direction for having a wonderful
year of love and abundance this year your life partner is definitely coming
it’s just all about preparing and being open to receiving we have worry is a
wasted emotion if you slow down and stop your life and worry about just meeting
that one person you’re going to end up missing the entire journey and kind of
getting yourself to where you need to be in order to be open to receiving that
life partner and being able to open yourself up to seeing them and make that
meaningful connection so don’t stop your lives keep going
have those meaningful relationships even if you’ve never dated someone before
take a leap of faith you have to start somewhere and learn those lessons we
have let go of the ego so it letting go of your ego
don’t let any negative thoughts get in your way is what I hear with this and
kind of going with your intuition and with the flow of things and how spirit
is kind of trying to help guide you within your life and know your truth
know your Worth is what I heard that that card as soon as I put it down and
having self-respect as well is going to be something that’s going to be a major
major role in your lives this year with in love so I also here don’t settle but
also don’t put yourself on a pedestal either with let go of the ego just came
through with that can we give them love this year eternal flame and then we have
blessings so there’s definitely some blessings of love coming in and we have
inner child I hear nurture your inner child kind of
take things with a grain of salt don’t be so serious kind of have like more of
open heart about things because I’m really checked in all the green in this
picture and for me that symbolizes heart chakra energy and how this flower and
her heart chakra is open and just flooded with love pouring out be open to
giving and receiving because you have blessings of love coming in and for some
of you you will meet your life partners this year but you may not be in an
actual relationship with them yet you will probably start off as being friends
with them but you’ll feel this burning passion towards them with this person
that you’re going to meet so that’s definitely a positive term but it’s
still a year of kind of focusing on yourself with opening up and giving and
receiving so the best relationships and life
partnerships start off as being best friends first because then it gives you
the chance to really get to know the person and really fall in love with them
for who they are both inside and out and you get to really completely know them
as a person and as a whole so we have a place beyond time because these are for
these cards are for extra guidance I didn’t get a chance to say that before
the cards actually popped out but these are for extra guidance to help you with
this year so a place beyond time it says don’t get caught up with the everyday
drama of life close your eyes focus on your breath and allow it to carry you
into a peaceful space inside your heart an eternal place beyond time filled with
only love so get into your heart spaces and focus on the love that you do want
and that you want to bring into your lives and be able to kind of reflect
that outward and then we have sacred knowledge ancient and sacred knowledge
is waiting within the heart of the earth yearning to be discovered crystals hold
the key connect energetically with the earth in her crystal realm healing love
and abundance result so what I feel what this is kind of if you are able to do
crystal meditations and work with crystals rose quartz would be an
absolute blessing and an abundance for you to bring in love and help you heal
any kind of old wounds within your heart as well and also help draw more love
towards you so definitely try and work with some rose quartz and any other
heart based love based crystals metaphysically then we have divine will
carnelian is another good one but it’s also more related to sexual energies and
passion with that but it does help draw that to you and to help
heal things from within with passion and sex unfortunately I have to say that
because it’s the truth with carnelian and it’s a no just red
crystal but it’s a really awesome crystal I love the energy of it and the
way it but the way the energetic vibrations of it feel so with the Divine
Will card as I digress your life is unfolding in accordance with the divine
will of your soul trust let go of fear and apprehension you are protected and
eternally blessed have patience all manifests in perfect I mean so these
things are happening within divine timing for you this year so they’re
asking you to have some patience and to just go with the flow and allow things
to happen and fall into place as they should so these your messages I do hope
that you enjoyed this reading remember to go ahead over to wallow child’s
reading and that link for her video for this is below for the expansion version
of your reading to this if you’re new to my channel feel free to subscribe and
hit that like button if you enjoyed this video know that I love you guys and
thank you so much for checking me out a happy new year and I was you guys next
video and stay fluffy all righty so for my love’s choice pile number three let’s
get into your reading so I’m gonna start off with my mermaid playing cards to do
a yes-or-no answer and then we’ll get some expanded guidance and see what’s up
with the Tarot and what we can get for messages for you guys so regardless of
the answer whether it’s a yes or no I will be pulling some expanded guidance
on it and some messages now regardless if it is a no we will figure out why not
and what is going to come in for love for you this year because I know that
and understand that we are always wanting to meet our life partners that
one that we want to spend the rest of our lives with because it is very
important to us to know when it will happen but sometimes in life we still
have to go through the motions and learn the lessons that we most need to learn
with different soulmates that have to come in and still teach us those lessons
before we can finally reach our life partners so I’m going to use these as
pink is going to be a yes blue will be no and I’m going to be pulling three for
the yes or no so will they meet their life partners the one this year okay so
many cars want to jump so I just need to read
well they mean that life partners this year so we have an O so let’s see what
is coming in love for you this year you all have free well these things can
change remember this is only January so things can definitely change these
readings are just extra guidance and kind of an overview for you for what’s
going on basically right now so let’s see what the Tarot has to say about why
this is you know and what is going to be coming in love for you so what is coming
and love to them this year we have the devil giving up bad habits and exactly
what I heard as soon as I pulled that card we have the world some of you who
are in relationships wondering what’s going on will be ending them and saying
goodbye to toxic people and situations within your lives what the world card
because she’s looking at the devil card and the world is endings and new
beginnings so I feel like you will be finally leaving any like I said before
toxic situations and people behind and finally being able to move
this year within your love lives to bigger and better situations so what
else is coming in love for them this year definitely new relationships and
leaving old relationships behind with the two of cups so that’s always a
positive sign end of March for some of you is what I just heard for those of
you who are new to my channel I do hear clairaudient Lee and I say exactly what
comes through whenever I hear the messages while I’m doing this we have
the ace of Pentacles and the ten of Pentacles so there is definitely going
to be an awesome new soulmate relationship coming in for you once you
are able to get rid of the past and what no longer serves you and it will be a
very very abundant new beginning for you guys with this ace of Pentacles and ten
of Pentacles and then we have the king of Wands this new relationship is going
to be with a possible fire sign male or female depending on who you are that
watches this video it doesn’t really matter
gender is fluid with these cards so the energy still stands as they are
they either have fire in their chart or they are fire start or you are a fire
sign but there’s definitely fire start energy coming through this that’s coming
in and a lot of passion will be reignited within some of you and
discussions of the future for this relationship and looking forward to new
beginnings with the two of Wands the kiss king of wands energy this
person knows exactly what they want and is following their heart’s desires as
well we have the ten of swords so the worst is definitely behind you and this
person so definitely leaving behind those old
energies we have the Sun and we have the page of cups so definitely new
beginnings in love and prosperous times are ahead for you with that sun card you
guys so far have let me be best loved reading three that I’ve done let’s see
what message is all the messages from your guides cards have to say to kind of
help with any extra advice for this year we have inspire others so I feel like
you will be the ones igniting the passions in the other and kind of
inspiring them to take action we have love as your energy so this year it is
all about love and your vibrational energy is going to be one that is love
based throughout most of this year and it’s going to help you get through a lot
of struggles and lessons because we have except the struggles except struggles as
lesson so with this love being the energy and letting the Pasco of this old
relationship and toxic people that no longer serve you these people were in
your lives for a reason and they caused you to struggle to learn certain lessons
that you finally learned and overcome these past few months and you will no
longer be carrying that towards this the rest of the year once you’re able to get
out of those situations in our toxic for you
for those of you who have not been in a relationship please be aware that this
these energies could come towards you but it’s also more of an energy of
getting rid of old habits and letting things go and old beliefs not so much an
old relationship for those who are single and never been in a relationship
we have death is an illusion so things that no longer serve you are definitely
falling away at this time with the death is an illusion and also these things
that are falling away were just that illusions of what you thought was
holding you back really weren’t holding you back and then we have live your
bliss so live in the moment and enjoy this year is what I’m getting with this
live your bliss card so I want to see what other extra Guardians in love for
this year we can get for you and then I will have some ending Gardens minute
messages as well so what else can they work on – in love this year with these
new soulmate relationships coming in and finally being able to release any toxic
old ones for those that need to release toxic people we have transmutation and we have
relationship so a lot of you what these positive changes are going to bring in
that new relationship for you that I was talking about earlier so these are just
confirmation cards that are coming up to confirm that and that it is definitely
going to be a very passionate one because I’m really attracted to the
flames in this card and then we have divine guidance so I feel like you’re
being divinely guided towards this new soulmate because I feel like this new
soulmate is going to be with you for quite some time even if they’re not your
life partner they’re going to play a major role within your lives we have trilogy of light and we have
celebrations so I feel like with the trilogy of light I feel like you’re
finally being divinely guided towards a happier time within your life that you
can finally relax and just have that feeling of peace with the celebration
card so for those who are single what is coming in for their lives for those who
have not been in relationships things are still yet to come for you because we
have the moon tree which for me moon cards mean things are still hidden so
things are still yet to be revealed for you and we have creativity so kind of
stepping out of your comfort zone is what I’m getting with that is going to
be what’s needed in order to bring in any new love relationships for those who
have not been in a relationship yet and are looking forward to being in one so
let’s see what guidance we can get for overall for this what do they most need to know for some
guidance for love for the rest of this year for them we have healing healing positive
transformation is occurring on a soul level the answer to your question is yes
so definitely a lot of healing is going to be happening and that is much needed
for those of you who are leaving those toxic relationships behind and it is
already happening on a soul level other messages we have Elektra with
electricity Thunderbolt activation you are subconsciously connecting with the
awesome power that lies in the energy of the Stars intergalactic transmissions
from a place beyond time a message is coming be open-minded so that’s
definitely something to be open to and look forward towards with that in itself
as self-explanatory with there being messages coming from within from your
guides and angels some of you who are really awakened that are watching this
you will definitely be connecting with your guides and they will be helping
pointing you in the right direction of this love relationship that’s coming in
and also kind of helping you to kind of practice your discernment as well with
people this year and then we have passion love sexual energy passions
aroused vital life force Kundalini the Sun giver of life strength a gift new
infusion of energy something beyond your control
surrender so surrender to these energies and passions that are coming from within
and actually really kind of just go with the flow and follow your heart with
if you are feeling really pulled and guided towards someone explore those
feelings and kind of get to know them on a very deep level is what I’m getting
with that card and I want to pull one more guidance card for you guys overall
what message can we end this reading with for overall each of these cards one
more time we have honesty love compassion and truth will heal the
present situation be honest with yourself discover what it what it is
that you truly desire then speak your truth clearly always speak with love and
compassion and know that the truth will never harm anyone when spoken from a
place of love so be honest and open with yourself as those as with those around
you with your communication so these are your messages I do hope that you enjoyed
this if you’re new here please feel free to subscribe and remember to go and
check out wild child’s readings for the expansion of this one and to kind of get
some extra clarity and extra messages on this reading so I hope you guys enjoyed
it Happy New Year have a blessed one and I will see you guys next video and stay


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    Pile 2{16:22} middle pile
    Pile 3{30:36} right hand pile
    The link to Walu Childs reading:

    🚨Remember you don't have to pick just one pile. Because if more than 1 or all draw you to them, by all means watch them because they may hold even more msgs for you.

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  • Pile 2 please

  • Pile 3. Yes, I need to heal from the toxic relationship of 2019. Thank you for the reading

  • Athena the SheWolf

    Guys if you get a "no" keep in mind that could just mean you already met them and didn't realize it, because…

  • 2 & 3 resonate, thank you ❤❤❤

  • Happy New Year to all!! Chose #3..thank you..all the very best to all the viewers..

  • Picked number 3: my bf broke up with me 9 months ago and it destroyed me and he kept trying to be friends with me but I want to move on but he keeps coming back so I hope this pile is true

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