Women, According to Google – Professor Boyfriend 15

Women, According to Google – Professor Boyfriend 15

Professor Boyfriend. Hello. [Laughter]. Hello.
What do you think is the number one Google image result for women? I would say a gaggle
of women, giggling, holding wine glasses, chardonnay of course. I think the number one
Google image result for women will involve a salad. It’s just a picture of a salad. It’s
just–Women, salad. Can I get a drum roll. [Drum roll]. Oh. [Laughter]. Very attractive
woman. Hey! Very. Hey! Last time we wanted to take a look at the
most common questions people were asking on Google about men. This week we’re going to
see those same questions but for women. Women. Tellingly they number one question people
are asking about women is ‘Why do women cheat?’ Does that sound familiar? That was the number
one for ‘Why do men?’ But from there the questions turn from the emotional to the more physical.
‘Why do women have periods?’, ‘Why do women douche?’, ‘Why do women crave chocolate?’,
and finally, ‘Why do women–‘ Professor Boyfriend I can’t even do this. Thank you. ‘Why do women
discharge?’ Moving on. The number one for girls as well as women, same thing. Same thing.
‘Why do girls cheat?’ Ladies. Then it kind of goes back to the whole physical anomaly
of what this is. Thank you. [Laughter]. It starts with ‘Why do girls have periods?’,
‘Why do girls cut themselves?’, ‘Why do girls wear thongs?’, and this is by far my favorite,
‘Why do girls twerk?’ Everybody wants to know. So finally in this snapshot of women according
to Google lets put in ‘Why do Moms?’ The number one autofill result is kind of sweet. It’s
kind of sweet but also it has to be written by a robot. By robots? Yeah. ‘Why do mom kiss
their babies?’ Why is that mom kissing her baby? And why is that robot talk like that?
Can that robot emote? Why does that robot using Google? Wouldn’t it just be…? Think
about it. The second one, not so sweet, ‘Why do moms get mad easily?’, see also ‘Why do
women have periods?’, ‘Why do moms yell all the time?’, sounds like someone needs some
chocolate, ‘Why do moms get custody?’, ‘Why do moms get jealous of their daughters?’,
oh hey now. So I find it interesting that last time when we did it about men–mm-hmm–all
the questions were kind of about men’s behavior. Why do men cheat, why do men hit women, why
do dads leave. These questions about women are mainly what’s up with this? What’s up
with this bonko machine? That body is crazy and we have no idea what’s going on with it.
Does it run on chocolate? But a lot of commenters on ‘Men, according to Google’ made a good
point that perhaps a lot of these questions that are asked, especially the ones geared
toward men are so negative because we turn to Google when we’re confused or when we’re
upset. With the exception of ‘Why do moms kiss their babies?’ That is–yeah, that is
a strange one. I think it would be kind of interesting to find out what would happen
if you changed up interrogative in their: ‘How men’ or ‘What men’, to see if that theme
of men and behavior and women and body stayed the same. I want to hear from you though,
what do you think about women according to Google? Do you think it’s more accurate in
any way then men? Are you perplexed by these questions of how the female body works? So
comment below and don’t forget to subscribe.


  • I think a lot of the reason that questions about women are related to our physical makeup is because the female body isn't something that's explicitly talked about. I know, personally, sex ed. in my school was very "you have this to do this", not "this body part is for this because of x, y, z and it works like so." There were a lot of things I didn't know about my own body before I turned to Google (or channels like this one or Laci Green's on YouTube).

  • you guys should look up "why do sisters…" all of the search options are pretty, ummmm, lets just say if someone that didn't know what a sister was looked that up, they would not want one.

  • I got different results than you…i'm not sure what that means…

  • Woman physically and usually mentally r stronger than man

  • I think it's funny that people would not know why moms kiss their babies or why women have periods. It is sad that one would google why moms yell so much oh google.

  • humans according to google next? XD

  • Google fills in your google results in part based on what you previously searched. It's part of their search algorithm. A number of my fill ins were different. I'm not sure this is really accurate.

  • I got why do women cheat, have affairs wear bras, wear high heels
    why do girls cheat, wear thongs, not like me, have periods….

  • also i got:

    Why do moms kiss their babies, eat their placenta (wow), get mad easily, cry, and and their teenage daughters fight

  • I think we mustve gotten completely different results on that search, Rico

  • Professor boyfriend has some cool hair going on.

  • All I know is that women are CRAY CRAY.

  • Almost forgot… #flamesuiton

  • Hey, you two:
    Keep it up, I really like your vids.

  • Aw. Such a cute video.

  • love your videos 😀

  • Hey, it's 'Laci Green's' other account y'all. lol

  • Watched "Men according to Google" yesterday. And this comes up today!
    It's like watch a video, get the second for free the next day :p

  • I think the men ones and women ones are asked by mostly girls…

  • I think professor boy friends idea is one that you could run with. You would have at least two more interesting videos.

  • BohemianScandalous

    Wow could you not make a period joke about why mothers get mad easily. Even if I'm not a mother I hear a lot of people discrediting women's thoughts or concerns with "are you on your period?"

  • You skipped result number 3 for "why do moms…"

    "eat their placenta"

  • placentophagyphobia ;D

  • Chad 1337P-De$tr0yer69

    I think 90% of time men Google the female anatomy it is for a different reason entirely…

  • Maybe after our extensive history of our existence on this planet, not much has changed in terms of the questions we ask and perhaps that is how Google has summed us up as a species? Personally, if you want the best answers, speak to an actual human, there is a big difference in how a message is conveyed when you read it and listen to it face-to-face =D

  • Good to see Professor Boyfriend in your video again. Nice to have the male perspective. It seems like Google includes a lot of stereotypes about women. What if the the question was framed as, Why do females… and see what pops up. Good insight on this topic though.

  • Why do women nag men to the brink of a murder suicide!!!!

  • I think the "why do moms kiss their babies" question was referring to kisses on the lips, which to me personally is a little strange too. But hey, to each their own

  • Could you perhaps do "why ARE women/men/etc."

  • Could you perhaps do "why ARE women/men/etc." and also try more terms: ladies, guys, males, females – I'd be pretty interested!

  • I laughed so hard when I googled "Why do women…" and the first thing that showed up was, "Why do women like yaoi?" AHAAHAHah

  • I did a google search as you were talking and it came up with "Why do moms eat their placenta?" Ugh. Great video as always, Cristen. 🙂

  • well then castiel

  • im a new subscriber…hello

  • Good lord he's painfully attractive.

  • You should really make a "why do transsexuals", "why do homosexuals/gays/lesbians" etc!

  • Indra Blackthorne

    I have to believe that some of these questions were asked by preteens and teens.

  • just type in define>> straight into google XD XD hahahaha, top search = DEFINE twerking

    and just for interest sake if you don't feel like actually going one step further, here is the definition:

    "Twerking is a type of dancing in which the dancer, usually a woman, shakes her hips in an up-and-down bouncing motion, causing the dancer's buttocks to shake, "wobble" and "jiggle". "

    btw, brilliant idea for a video, you could literally just do '…' according to Google videos and I'd be happy.

  • Hello, Doctor.

  • Miley and Robin one was best,amazing!

  • Who isn't interested about the human body? Male or female? It kind of runs us all.

  • Children According to Google

  • You're talking a lot about men asking questions about women or women asking questions about men. I think it's important to remember that a lot of these questions are just as likely to be asked by other women and especially young girls who are just figuring out their bodies.

  • First Name Last Name

    why do we call atractive people hot but we don't call un atractive people cold

  • "Why do moms kiss their babies?" Duh, coz eating them would be weird, and illegal

  • I ain't getting any suggestions at all.

  • why do woman top 4 in my cantry-
    2-cant finish
    3-cheat man
    4-when painting eyes open mouth

  • Why do women Kevin Bacon?

  • the negative reason for "why do moms kiss their babies" might be a jealous sibling trying to confirm that their mom doesnt love the baby more 😉

  • So I typed into google "Why do women…", and one auto-answer was "Why do women talk so much". Aint that the truth! …you know what I'm saying fellas! (High Five all my fellow broheims)

    Before anyone starts typing furiously, I would like to say that was a joke.

  • Why do Google users objectify and belittle women?

  • when i typed in 
    "Why do Moms…"
    it came up with
    "…hate their Daughters"

    "…and daughters fight"
    "…kill their babies"
    "…die during childbirth"
    "…criticise their daughters"
    "…baby their sons"

    I'm getting a really negative picture here

  • Well aren't they cute?!

  • mariposahorribilis

    Excellent point, Professor Boyfriend, about whether the thematic trend of the questions would change if you altered the interrogative. Any plans to follow that up?

  • "does it run on chocolate" lol

  • Krishina Ramani

    sigh, I searched it up now and this is what came up

  • why do dads sneeze so loud?

    to troll their kids?

  • who DOESNT run on chocolate?? 

  • if you google search Women, and just women the first picture is a woman having sex… well google is still the internet.

  • I am jealous of my daughter because, unlike me, she has an amazing mom cries

  • Sounds like the terminator made these Google searches.

  • The reason all the "body" questions come up is because our sex education in the US is completely failing us.

  • I like Professor boyfriend (it just makes sense) for him to be in the show!

  • I think women like chocolate because in the cocoa bean there is a chemical especially prevalent in dark chocolate that causes more emotional stability? also if this is true the sweetened flavor adds a plus, and sugar (I heard is technically a drug in some places) can cause the brain to have trouble focusing (which for sad women is something they want.)

  • Are you kidding!? The female body IS hella confusing and makes no sense! I may know why I have a period, but WHY THE HELL DO WOMEN HAVE PERIODS?!
    Much of this would be cleared up with better biology courses covering human biology. Gawd, it always comes back to that. What the hell…

  • Даниела Иванова

    For me it's:
    1. …like bad boys;
    2. … like older guys;
    3. … go to the bathroom together

  • I know this video's pretty old and probably will get lost in the void, but I think the people need to understand something about Google search. It uses YOUR PERSONAL search history. Therefore the prompts are more telling about you than the general public. Anyway, I love these videos regardless; just thought that needed to be said.

  • For all we know all this Google stuff is the result of 14 year old boys typing stuff into search engines because it's gross and hilarious and not even waiting to see what the search results are.

    And then it gets picked up on countless YouTube channels and forms the basis for countless sociological and psychological theories which persuade people to twist themselves in a thousand different directions in order to become more or less politically correct or well-behaved or etc etc etc.

  • Jennifer Villezcas

    I did the same thing with the men according to google video, but I also searched in spanish for this video 😛

    WHY DO WOMEN cheat
    WHY DO WOMEN abort
    WHY DO WOMEN love assholes

    WHY DO GIRLS cut themselves
    WHY DO GIRLS love their dads more
    WHY DO GIRLS get pregnant at an early age

    WHY DO MOMS become mean
    WHY DO MOMS abort
    WHY DO MOMS hit
    WHY DO MOMS not love their sons

    interesting how except for pregnancy and abortion in spanish it actually
    is more focused on the way they act instead of the body.

  • When I looked up "Why do girls-" the first result was "like to be choked?"
    Honestly I don't know

  • oh you must google ¨women can´t..¨ vrs ¨men can´t¨

  • watchingandwaiting

    1. Women's bodies are more complex. Men's reproductive functions are pretty straight forward compared to women's.
    2. Sex education in this country is aweful. No one wants to talk about women's bodies, so there's a lot of uneducated people running around.

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