ONE DAY BEFORE We serviced and washed bikes to be ready for tomorrow. He is searching helmet the whole morning. Good morning friend. Good morning friend. It is six hours and fifty minutes. In today’s video we are going to mountain Učka (1400m). Inspired by David Goggins book. Yesterday we thought this is something that can not be done. and today we will prove it that we can do it. Are you ready? I’m ready, of course. And the plan is to record the whole ride from mountain Učka. W stopped to take something to eat, a little to fill the energy. Coffee my friend. NICE Do you want vitamin? No. Actually I might take one. Should we take some more water? Let me go to take some water. So we do not have to waste our water. What’s your story? What did you achieve this year and what was your goal? Well, I was inspired by the story of David Goggins. So you open the possibilities to do something. I told myself “OK”. I want this year to do something like he did. Make some personal records. What have you achieved so far? So this year, I’ve done 500 pull ups in the gym. Recently I thought this is impossible. And I told myself this year that I’m going to run more. And so I started running a bit, I set a 10km goal, then 20km, 30km. And few days ago I ran 42km. Which is personal record. And today I have decided one thing to do. Take the bicycle and cycle to Učka, and make that goal with cycle. 170 -180km Which makes me very happy and I hope to be successful. That’s it. NICE. We took a coffee and ate a bit and ready to continue. Here we can see Ucka. Olja do you know where are we? I have no idea. Maybe nowhere. Let’s go to wash a face? Yes. How are you feeling? Like new. No. It started lightly, warm up before mountain Učka. We can see how Olja lightly slides up. What are you thinking about this first uphill? I’m not talking anything my friend. It PEEEEP my mother. We stopped for the first time to walk a little. Let’s see what Olja says? Nothing, small uphill, we have to take some air. To gather strength for the final. For the main meal. For the main meal. I did not tell you something. This will be the most difficult day in your life. Maybe? I’ll know after we do this “training”. Maybe it will be worst or maybe we’ve experienced something like that. Definitely wont be easy. Someone set us a trap. Someone says: you can not pass here. It’s about thirty degrees we are now in front of Učka. We filled the water and now we’re going to cycle uphill 10km Now we are strating to cycle uphill. Honestly we are already dead. Last two kilometers we are moving on average four and a half kilometers per hour. I fell into the coma. Olja is pulling me. He called the ambulance. It’s not going to happen. Now fun beginns. WELCOME! I think my face expression tells everything. I’m fucked up like a p …. but you can not be pissed in the videos, but it does not matter Dražen will censor this. PEEP. Finally we come to this side of the mountain where is a little bit more shadow. Well it is easier, but there is more let’s say four kilometers up. Up to the top. A little bit more. We are here, my friend. Finally we came uphere. We left the soul, I mean body. Soul didnt abandoned us. There’s a quarry down there where party started and now this look much nicer here. But from below, uff. My friend we did that challenge we wanted to do. We made 90 kilometers and came to 1400 meters in height. What do we do now? And now we will easily return home and of course the next adventure. Three, two, one, Let’s go! LET’S GO! These bikes are crazy, so you can tilt or do whatever with them. Continue … We’re gonna try to go now one free descent. Sixty kilometers an hour. Seventy kilometers per hour !!! We were there fifteen minutes ago. Finally we came to eat. Uf Olja? My friend this is now better than anything. I would give everything in the world if food is here, right now. What would be your lesson after this day? I believed in myself into your work I knew that it would not be easy to reach the goal. But with the will, effort and hard work. You can do whatever you want Everyone can, YOU only have to trust in youreself.


  • Aleksandra Braic


  • Svaka vam čast dečki. Izazvovan zadatak ste odabrali i raduje me što ste ga ostvarili. Izvrstan video s izvrsnim porukama koje mogu motivirati bilo kog od nas, ne samo u sportu već na svim poljima života. Čestitam vam!!! PS. Spuštanje sa Učke gledala sam s prstima preko očiju. 🙂 Izdržala sam do kraja. Hahahaha

  • luka kovačević

    Svaka čast! 🙌🙏💪

  • Bravo borci, nadam se da će više ljudi vidjeti ovaj video. Čestitke i za odličnu montažu.

  • Svaka čast!!

  • Andrea's Workshop

    8:40 su i moje rijeci kada se popnem na drugi kat.
    Svaka cast decki!

  • Super ste! Gledam malo po malo sva propustena videa i stvarno super sadrzaj i super ti to sve montiras, kao pravi pro! Hahaha, imam prevod dole na španjolski i nije da bas sve 100% dobro prevede, ali psovke odlicno prevede.😜🤣🤣 Samo tako nastavite s videima! Ocemo jos!👏🏼👏🏼👏🏼💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

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